6 Formula One rivalries in which the drivers despised each other, including Verstappen and Hamilton.

Some of the greatest rivalries and battles on the track have occurred in Formula One.

Some of the best drivers in the sport have even shared a team, and things haven't always gone as planned.

Huge egos and a driver's desire to be the best have occasionally resulted in strained relationships.

The Daily Star Sport looks at some of the team's drivers who couldn't stand each other at different times in their careers.

Let's start with this year's championship race between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Throughout an enthralling season, the two have been neck and neck, but incidents on the track have soured any relationship they may have had.

The pair collided on lap one at Silverstone earlier this year, forcing the race to be called off after Verstappen collided with a barrier that needed to be repaired.

However, both men blamed the other for the incident, which added fuel to the fire between the two.

Following an investigation, Hamilton was found to be the primary perpetrator of the incident.

Even after that incident, the two were involved in another collision in September at Monza, when Verstappen's car flipped into the air and landed on top of Hamiton's, posing a potentially dangerous situation for both drivers.

Both parties, as expected, denied responsibility for the incident, adding to their ongoing rivalry.

On this occasion, however, Verstappen was found to be the primary perpetrator of the incident, implying that both parties were held responsible on separate occasions.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix last weekend was just the latest flashpoint in their rivalry.

They don't appear to have much of a relationship off the track, either, and one driver will be devastated when the other is crowned world champion this Sunday.

Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber's relationship was a tumultuous one.

Several high-profile incidents, such as the Turkish GP crash and the Multi-21 controversy, led to Webber's departure from the team and retirement from Formula One at the end of the 2013 season.

The Australian revealed how intense the rivalry was behind the scenes, claiming that it even caused Red Bull team members to split up.

"Absolutely not," Webber said when asked if he and Vettel put their differences aside off the track.

"We frequently overstepped our professional bounds, and I lost a lot of faith in him in that regard."

"We had a lot of mentally challenging moments, and the team started to separate, so [team principal] Christian [Horner] had a hard time managing that."

Fernando Alonso joined McLaren in 2007 and was paired with Lewis Hamilton, who was in his rookie season.

The Spaniard was vying for his third Formula One championship with Hamilton, but both drivers fell short as Kimi Raikkonen won his first and only championship.

They saw each other as roadblocks, and the real battle began at the Hungarian Grand Prix that year, when Alonso allegedly slowed Hamilton down long enough for the Briton to fail to set a qualifying lap.

Alonso left the team three years before his contract was set to expire, rejoining Renault in 2008, and was replaced by Heikki Kovalainen, a Finn, who raced alongside Hamilton.

When Ayrton Senna was drafted into the Woking team with Alain Prost, the team's number one driver's approval, the tense relationship surfaced.

McLaren won 15 of the 16 races in their first year together, which was a great start for the pair.

However, things came to a head in Suzuka 1989, when Senna won his first championship after forcing the Frenchman and himself out of the race.

A year later, events repeated themselves on the same track, but this time the outcome was different.

Their rivalry continued even after Prost left to join Ferrari; however, their friendship had a happy ending when Prost retired at the end of 1993, and Senna repeatedly expressed how much he missed him.

"A special hello to my. to our dear friend Alain. We all miss you Alain," Senna said to Prost, who had by then become an F1 pundit, a few days before his death at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

Piquet vs Mansell was a classic case of an experienced driver meeting his match in the form of a younger competitor who threatened his team's number one status, similar to Alonso and Hamilton.

Piquet, the older racer, went too far and insulted Mansell and his wife.

Mansell preferred to speak on the track at first, but that didn't last long as Piquet pushed his mental limits to the limit.

Honda-Williams lost a chance to win the championship in 1986 as a result of their bitter feud, and Prost went on to win the title.

Hamilton and Rosberg were teammates at Mercedes for three seasons, going toe-to-toe at the top of the drivers' standings.

Their championship battles in 2014 and 2016 were particularly tense, with both going down to the final race of the season, and Mercedes found it difficult to manage their tumultuous relationship.

Toto Wolff admitted that he almost knocked one of the drivers out of a race when they collided on the track and came to blows off it.

"Twice, when it was Lewis and Rosberg, I was close to putting a driver on the bench," Wolff said.

"I said I'd decide whether one needed to sit out after 48 hours."

I'm still stumped as to who it would have been.

"However, that was a long time ago."

Given my current relationship with Lewis, it's unthinkable that it could happen now."

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