A sassy adolescent writes a VERY demanding letter to Santa Claus and employs a brilliant strategy.

WHEN a child writes a letter to Santa, you expect it to be sweet, kind, and courteous.

Luna, 13, took matters into her own hands and DEMANDED things from Santa, claiming she had one of his elves locked up. Her older sister Ale shared her letter on Twitter, where it received nearly 154k likes and a slew of comments.

The family from California clarified that they ask Luna to write a letter every year for tradition's sake; she is NOT an ipad kid, and she already knows Santa isn't real, but "she's having fun and being the kid she is," they said.

"Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a PS5 and games for it," Luna wrote in her letter. FABULOUS BINGO; GET A £5 FREE BONUS WITH NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED

"I'd also like a Barnes and Noble gift card because I'm a smartypants."

"By the way, one of the games should be Final Fantasy 7," says the narrator. "I also want Legos and clothing."

"I got one of yo elfs held up in my basement," she wrote in the letter, which took a sinister turn.

"You better get me my stuff ong (on god) if you want that homie free."

"P. S. Don't try sending yo little foo's, I keep this place strapped."

She then drew a picture of the 'elf imprisoned,' along with a cat and herself holding a gun.

Many people were impressed by the girl's "brave" threat letter, but they were perplexed by her rage.

"Her sister seems a little more gangster than me," one commenter said.

Another admitted, "Hella gangster."

"She ain't playing," they quickly realized.

"Santa better give her her things!" one wrote, alarmed by the letter.

"If I were Santa, I'd be terrified," said another.

"Por elf is dead, she's asking for almost 8000 dollars worth of product. How does a young girl like that know about macs," one sympathizer wrote.

Some even compared Luna's letter to Riley Freeman from the animated TV show The Boondocks, who imitates gangster life by writing threatening letters.

"She's astute and knows what she wants, as well as how to get it!"

Many people couldn't stop laughing at the letter's cat, and some even responded with pictures of cats holding guns.

"And she got a guard cat? Lil Miss is very serious. Ong," one person said, referring to her drawings.

"It was so wholesome in the beginning," some felt duped.

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Some people asked for a picture of Luna so they could put her words to a face, but her older sister Ale said, "Luna said, nah homie, y'all ain't ready for that."

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