A top robot company will pay a British citizen £150,000 to use their face on all of its androids.

A tech company is offering a volunteer £150,000 in exchange for their face being used on its robots.

Promobot, a company based in the United States, is looking for a "kind and friendly" face to be used on a humanoid robot assistant.

The person's right to use their facial features must be transferred.

By 2023, the gadgets will be used in hotels, shopping malls, and airports.

It's been compared to Netflix's sci-fi series Black Mirror and John Travolta and Nicolas Cage's 1997 film Face/Off.

"In 2023, a robot with a new appearance will begin its operations, and a selected person's face will become this robot's appearance," Promobot said.

"Our company is developing technologies in the fields of facial recognition, speech, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence, and other robotics areas," the statement continued.

"We've been actively manufacturing and supplying humanoid robots to the market since 2019."

"Our new clients want to launch a large-scale project, and in order to avoid legal delays, they need to license a new robot appearance."

People of any gender and age are welcome to apply for the position.

It means that in airports, malls, and stores across North America and the Middle East, you might see your face on a robot.

The cyber creatures created by the New York-based company are already in use in 43 countries, performing a variety of tasks such as promoters, guides, and concierges.

It comes after an unnamed robotics company offered a £100,000 reward to a volunteer in 2019 for their face to be used.

Sophia became the first robo-person to be granted legal citizenship in 2017.

She possesses a super-intelligent humanoid head that can blink, look from side to side, and converse.

Hanson robotics, a Hong Kong-based company, developed the device, which can chat, smile, and even tell jokes.

Sophia became a legal Saudi Arabian citizen.

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