After a foul-mouthed altercation, Tommy Fury's father issues a new violent threat to Jake Paul.

Jake Paul has received a threatening message from John Fury ahead of his fight with his son Tommy Fury next month.

Paul will face Fury on December 18 in Tampa Bay, Florida, after winning each of his four professional fights to date.

The controversial content creator will face the British fighter over eight rounds at a catchweight of 192 pounds.

The fight could put an end to their social media feud, and Fury Sr drew Paul's girlfriend Julia Rose into the fray during a press conference this week.

Before the fight, the 57-year-old issued a series of warnings to Paul, including a threat to stop speaking to his son if he loses to the American.

Fury Sr told Queensberry Promotions, "He is just a cheeky lad with no respect for real fighters."

"And Tommy is going to hurt him, I'll tell you right now, and if he doesn't, I'm not going to talk to him."

"You can tell what he's thinking right now; he knows the people around him made a mistake in putting him in this situation."

"But isn't he a horrible lad? But I am a horrible man, so touch, it's a pity I can't get to America, but I will say one thing."

"Anyone who thinks I'm a loudmouth and intrudes on my space, no matter who they are, I'll drop them where they stand."

"Anyone who tries to disrespect me or my family will be dealt with immediately, and there will be no backward steps from me; I will stand by what I say."

Rose had challenged Molly-May Hague, Tommy's girlfriend, to a mud fight after Paul branded Molly-May a 'catfish.' Fury Sr had brutally put down Rose, who had challenged Molly-May to a mud fight after Paul branded Molly-May a 'catfish.'

At the press conference, Fury Sr yelled, "When Tommy beats you, he's going to get your girlfriend and f*** her like a dog in front of you."

"You're the idiot for agreeing to this fight, and you're going to get it, you jerk."

Take advantage of the situation, p****

"This is your first real fight, and you're going to feel Tommy Fury's wrath; I watched your last fight, and you were actually rubbish."

"You're taking it in stride, and I can see the fear in your eyes beneath those glasses. Suck your d***, you don't have one underneath that g***."

Due to his criminal record, Fury Sr and Paul will not be able to meet face to face because the Brit is unable to travel to America to watch the fight.

After training the 7-0 boxer, WBC champion Tyson Fury will be in his brother's corner at the event in Florida.

Paul, a YouTuber-turned-boxer, is 4-0 after defeating AnEsonGib, former NBA star Nate Robinson, retired MMA fighter Ben Askren, and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

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