After a tense encounter, security was forced to separate Adrian Lewis and Peter Wright.

After Adrian Lewis reacted angrily to his defeat in the Players Championship finals by confronting his opponent on-stage, security was called in to help calm things down.

In the second round, Peter Wright was pitted against Jackpot in Minehead, bringing two of the sport's biggest names together.

Wright responded to losing the first three legs by winning five of the next seven to set up a tense decider at Butlin's Resort.

Lewis had the upper hand, but a stray arrow that landed in the fifth hole derailed his efforts, allowing Snakebite to set up a double-top finish - he missed his first arrow, but sank his second to confirm his progression to the next round.

A section of the Minehead crowd booed loudly as Wright attempted to seal the game, and there was a flashpoint moments after that final dart hit the board.

Wright greeted his opponent with a handshake but quickly devolved into a heated argument - something during the match had clearly irritated Lewis, who was standing close to Snakebite and heatedly speaking under the watchful eye of a security guard.

After waving to the crowd and pointing at Wright, Lewis appeared to end the confrontation with a brief handshake, but returned for more after waving to the crowd and was seen pointing at Wright as he engaged in another shouting match.

As he was escorted off the stage, the security guard returned to usher Lewis away, and there were a few more boos from the audience.

When asked about the incident later, Wright, in typical fashion, didn't waste the opportunity to crack a joke about it.

"We were debating who was going to send the Christmas card," he joked.

"We were just talking about Christmas cards and who would be the first to send one."

It didn't take long for fans to take to social media to talk about what they'd seen.

"Aidy Lewis missed so many opportunities to get a result then, and Peter Wright punished him for it," Khaleem Azam said. "I'm not sure what the commotion was all about in the end."

"Adrian Lewis totally messed that up and threw it away," Joseph Burns continued, "then decided to have a go at Peter Wright."

Another Twitter user, Dean, accused Lewis of "moaning and sulking," adding, "No one likes to lose, but at least be gracious in defeat, and maybe other professionals will have a tad more respect for you."

Meanwhile, many others praised Wright for "showing he is the bigger man" by declining to continue the conversation during the post-match interview.

"Peter Wright is a very classy man. Brilliant interview! Didn't satisfy my curiosity. But he did the right thing," one fan commented.

"What a response from Peter Wright," said another.

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