After amazing weight loss, a fifty-stone bloke is literally half the man he used to be.

After losing 30 stone, one of the UK's heaviest men is celebrating.

Harvey Olikh is half the man he used to be, having lost 50 pounds.

At Christmas, he smiled for the camera, but his weight was making him sad.

He had just spent four days in intensive care after catching a cold a few weeks before.

He was finally motivated to start losing weight as a result of it.

Harvey has now lost 30 pounds and is looking forward to celebrating the holidays as a happy, healthy man for the first time in years.

"This weight loss is a gift that keeps on giving - and it's not just for Christmas!" the slim 48-year-old said.

"It's as if I've awoken from Scrooge's three ghosts, and I'm still alive."

Harvey was admitted to the hospital in November of this year.

Doctors were surprised he wasn't bedridden, but one warned him, "If you live like this, you'll be dead in two years."

Even though he stopped drinking, he consumed tens of thousands of calories.

In February 2020, the owner of a construction training firm estimates he will weigh at least 50 pounds.

He'd begin his day with two full English breakfasts, chicken burgers, and two family packs of chocolates.

Harvey, who is writing a book about his accomplishment, was tired of being mocked for his size, and was once turned away from a hotel because the owner was afraid he would break the stairs.

He is now just over 16st and enjoying life again after a year of fasting and healthy eating.

"I can go to the movies with my wife, I can go shopping with her, I can go on vacation and go mountain trekking," Harvey, of Romford, Essex, said.

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