After Nunes' victory, Pena sparked outrage by declaring herself the UFC's first'mom champ.'

JULIANNA PENA infuriated UFC fans by claiming she is the first "mom champ" after giving birth to her daughter just hours after her historic victory over Amanda Nunes.

Last weekend in Las Vegas, the Venezuelan Vixen pulled off the greatest upset in UFC history by choking out Nunes to win the bantamweight title.

"The UFC absolutely needs to create a new belt for me, and it needs to be the 'Baddest Mom on the Planet,'" an ecstatic Pena said in the post-fight press conference.

"I'm not trying to detract from Amanda's accomplishments."

"She's a wonderful mother, but I gave birth to my daughter, and I feel like I'm the first mother champ, which is a feather in my cap."

Fans of the sport were quick to point out that Nunes is still a mother, despite the fact that she didn't give birth to her daughter Reagan.

"Pena could have taken that question as an opportunity to pay respect to all moms and claim her place as the champ of them," one MMA fan tweeted.

"On a deeply personal level, I thought it was a nasty little jab."

"Did Pena have to call herself the "real" mom champ? Amanda is still a mom," another commented.

Another person stated, "Adopted mothers are mothers."

"This is EXACTLY why the term 'birthing person' is appropriate: you gave birth, she didn't, but you're both mothers."

"It is a remarkable and worthy achievement to be able to say Julianna Pena is the first woman to have given birth and then won a UFC championship," MMA reporter Scott Fontana said.

"It's also demeaning to dismiss some mothers simply because they couldn't or didn't give birth; there's a better way to put it."

During an appearance on Sirius XM's MMA, Pena defended herself, saying, "My words were definitely misinterpreted."

"I wasn't trying to take anything away from Amanda."

"In fact, I'll send this to you and post it on my social media accounts later," she says.

"Amanda is an incredible champion and a stunning mother, and she has been since the day she gave birth to her child."

Nunes' loss to Pena was her first in over SIX YEARS, and it's one she's determined to avenge next year.

"You guys think I'm going to go out unbalanced," she wrote on Instagram.

"Unquestionably, I accept the rematch."

"Give me a little time to gather my thoughts, and I'll be back better than ever."

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