As six storms loom in a massive winter freeze, Britain will be battered by a snowstorm.

By the end of the month, the UK could be hit by up to six more storms and a deluge of snow, according to forecasts.

According to forecasters, the weather in the UK will be "settled" until December 26, with "slightly above average" temperatures.

However, as December draws to a close, forecasts indicate that a wet and windy front will move in from the southwest, potentially causing a "snowbomb" to hit the UK.

According to the forecast on television, there is "potential for some snowfall."

"Confidence is lower for this period, but there is a greater chance of colder weather coming in from the east at some point during this period as highest pressure moves north, most likely towards Scandinavia," they said.

"There is therefore the possibility of some snowfalls, but this is not a given, as much depends on the specifics of wind direction and the extent of cold air masses over the near continent."

The unsettled weather will be caused by a "perfect recipe" of warm North Sea waters and a La Nina cooling of the Pacific after a calm autumn, according to Jim Dale, a meteorologist for British Weather Services.

"We are expecting one more major storm this month," Mr Dale told the outlet, "which will set the trend for the coming months."

"Through the winter, we expect five to six storms to hit, some of which may be severe enough to be named."

According to WXCharts, conditions in the UK will deteriorate after Boxing Day, with up to 3mm of rain per hour falling in the southwest at midnight on December 27.

By 6 p.m., forecasts predict that much of Ireland, as well as the west coasts of Wales and Cornwall, will be soaked.

However, up to 1cm of snow will fall every hour in the northwest of England, with more falling overnight.

Snowfall of up to 2cm per hour is expected across much of the northwest and south of Scotland, as well as Southampton and Cardiff, by midnight on December 28.

Forecasters have poured cold water on hopes of a White Christmas, despite predictions for a snowy end to the year.

Long-range forecasts from the Met Office have also dampened expectations for snow on Christmas Day.

"Settled conditions are likely heading into the Christmas period," it said.

"Temperatures may be near or slightly above average for this time of year, but there may be a risk of frost at times due to some colder interludes."

"The weather looks settled for the last week of December and into early January, with an increasing chance of frost and fog during clearer spells for Christmas and the New Year."

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