At the 2022 World Darts Championship, fans who were told to 'ease off' misunderstood Gerwyn Price.

Colin Lloyd, a former world number one, believes Gerwyn Price will win back-to-back World Darts Championship titles and advises fans to get off The Iceman's back.

Lloyd, who will be a Sky Sports pundit during the Ally Pally extravaganza, believes the 36-year-old Welshman has the all-round game to beat Michael van Gerwen, Jonny Clayton, and Peter Wright.

Lloyd, a two-time major winner and fan favorite during his time on the oche, spoke exclusively to Daily Star Sport about the chances of all the main contenders and Price's love/hate relationship with the crowd.

"I think he is. I think Gerwyn's got that never say die attitude," the d-artist - formerly known as 'Jaws' - said when asked if the 2021 world champion is still the man to beat.

"He just keeps going and going and going," says the narrator.

Listen, there will be plenty of people in this world championship who can beat him, plenty of people who can beat him.

"However, in my opinion, he has that all-round game right now."

He's got the scoring boots, the finishing touch, and the bloody-mindedness to not know when he's been defeated.

"You can keep beating him, beating him, beating him, but he'll never stay down."

"Next thing you know, he'll hit back-to-back 12 darters with an 11 and a 13 thrown in between" If you keep knocking him down in a boxing ring, he'll just keep getting back up.

But what about the other names in the top four betting odds?

Although Peter Wright, Jonny Clayton, and Michael van Gerwen all have a chance, Lloyd is sticking with The Iceman.

"I tipped Gezzy, and I think he'll keep the title, but you've got the likes of Peter Wright, Jonny Clayton, MVG, who's been hit or miss the last year, and you've got the likes of Peter Wright, Jonny Clayton, MVG, who's been hit or miss the last year, and you've got the likes of MVG, who's been hit or miss the last year, and you've got the likes of MVG

He'll want to make a strong comeback as well.

"MVG is looking a lot better now."

When he played Raymond van Barneveld in the players' championship, I think what struck me the most was

that they played a great game

"It was hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit

There were no misses, misses, or misses; everything was hit, hit, hit.

Michael has relented a little bit in previous games, but he hasn't quite crossed the line.

"But then we'll see Michael have 100+, 100+, 100+ averages, and then all of a sudden he'll throw in a 95, and it just so happens that someone else has thrown in that 100+ average."

"I'm not saying you have to have 100 averages all the time, but it seems to happen that if Michael has a bad day, someone else has a good day, but that's the nature of the beast right now."

"I believe Gerwyn is the one who is the sharpest of them all right now."

Price's relationship with the dartboard is flawless, but his relationship with the audience is more hit-or-miss.

The adoring crowds at Ally Pally, or anywhere else for that matter, have never warmed up to the man who has taken MVG's place as the man they all want to beat.

Some speculate that if there had been a full house inside the palace last year, Price would have won the world championship.

Lloyd, who had a much better rapport with the audience, is urging darts fans to give Price a chance and enjoy his incredible arrows while he's still around.

He continued, "We've touched on this on the podcast that we do."

'I just can't stand him,' people say.

'Have you ever met him, have you ever actually had a conversation with him?' I ask.

"The thing about Gezzy is that he's open and honest, which I like."

People may have turned against him because he stated, "I'm not here to make friends; I'm here to make money."

I'm here to make money and support my family.'

"This is where a lot of people go wrong."

They believe it's all about having fun.

It's all about fun, but it's also your job.

Because you have bills to pay, you need to get as far as possible in your event.

"The taxman is going to want a piece of the action."

That is how you make a living.

Listen, Gezzy, I think he's let the crowd get to him a couple of times before.

"He tries to silence it."

I have to say, it's not very pleasant.

Simply enjoy the moment, is my point.

This guy is a true professional.

"A lot of the time he throws sublime darts, just enjoy the moment because who knows how long he'll be around."

"He's a class act, an entertainer, so how does he affect you if he livens things up on the oche?"

Price is expected to go all the way again this year, but who will Price face on January 3rd, according to Lloyd?

He responds after a long pause - and a lot of umming and ahhing -

"It has to come down to Price vs. Peter Wright."

"To me, the four biggest names in darts right now, excluding Fallon Sherrock, who has massively put darts on the map whatever happens."

"However, when it comes to the final, I don't think you can get much further away than Gezzy, Clayton, Wright, and MVG, though obviously the top two could face off in the quarter-finals."

"They're the four big guns in darts right now, in my opinion."

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