Because 'high-level threats' are targeting your web browser, Google Chrome has issued an urgent warning - here's what you should do.

A Google Chrome security alert has been issued, as the popular web browser is being targeted by a number of "high-level threats."

Google revealed that 15 of the 20 new vulnerabilities are "high level threats," affecting users of Linux, macOS, and Windows.

According to the new report, Google has experienced 45 total Chrome hacks in the last three weeks.

According to Forbes, the hacks all follow a "Use-After-Free" (UAF) pattern, which is defined as "memory exploits created when a program fails to clear the pointer to the memory after it's freed."

Another common hacking technique is to exploit heap buffer overflow flaws, which cause a memory overflow and cause critical structures to be overwritten, according to the outlet.

Users can stay safe with a new version of Chrome: 96.0.4664.93, which "will roll out over the coming days/weeks," according to Google.

Because the update may not be available right away, Google recommends that you check for it regularly via Settings - Help - About Google Chrome.

Any version higher than 96.0.4664.93 is regarded as secure.

For the update to take effect, you must restart your browser.

The news comes after Google Chrome users were advised to switch to a different browser as soon as possible due to concerns that highly sensitive data was being harvested.

According to a cyber-security expert, phone data is at risk of being passed on without users' knowledge.

According to Forbes, this latest Big Tech privacy nightmare may prompt users to uninstall Chrome from their phones.

It comes as Facebook is accused of mining people's sensitive personal information by using accelerometer data to pinpoint locations, track app users, and monitor activities.

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