Because of his appearance, Tom Hanks almost didn't work with this actor.

Tom Hanks has starred in a staggering number of classic films during his decades in Hollywood.

Sure, everyone knows Forrest Gump, Toy Story, and You've Got Mail, but Hanks' filmography boasts a much longer list of rewatchable classics.

And one of them was almost cast with a different actor.

Because of his appearance, Hanks initially refused to work with a single star.

Few actors are as well-known both on and off screen as Tom Hanks.

His affable everyman sensibility has drawn comparisons to the legendary James Stewart for decades.

As a result, his fans have followed him from one genre to the next.

Hanks' proclivity for portraying trustworthy characters has earned him the moniker "America's Dad" in recent years.

Hanks also has a solid reputation behind the scenes.

Maybe that's why he's worked with so many of the same filmmakers and actors.

After all, Hanks has worked with Meg Ryan on multiple occasions and is well-known for his collaborations with Steven Spielberg, so why did he almost refuse to work with one young actor?

Hanks put a lot of emphasis on bringing in promising up-and-comers when casting his directorial debut That Thing You Do!

Guy and-hashtag-8212; drummer for the fictional 1960s pop band The Wonders and-hashtag-8212; was the film's lead role in particular.

Tom Everett Scott was eventually cast in the role, but Hanks was hesitant at first.

Rita Wilson, Hanks' wife and-hashtag-8212; has a small role in That Thing You Do! and-hashtag-8212; revealed why Hanks didn't want Scott in the film.

Wilson told The Ringer, "Tom was showing me tapes and he said nobody was quite right."

"He says, 'Well, there's this one guy who came in, and he's perfect for the part, but I think people are going to think he looks too much like me,' and I say, 'Let me see.' He played me the audition tape, and I was like, 'OK, this guy is the guy. Why wouldn't you cast this guy?' Even if someone said, 'Oh, he looks like Tom. So what? He's perfect for

Wilson was proved correct, as Scott's endearing performance, which is eerily similar to Hanks' own, is likely one of the reasons Why That Thing You Do! has endured over the years.

The movie didn't exactly do well at the box office.

According to Box Office Mojo, it barely made back its reported dollar26 million budget.

However, it launched Hanks' new career as a filmmaker.

While he has primarily focused on acting, the star directed his second film, Larry Crowne, in 2011 and has produced films such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding in 2002.

Hanks also has a screenwriting credit on Greyhound, which will be released in 2020.

Perhaps he'll direct another film soon.

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