Camilla says, "I'm proud to support Jabs Army because you give us hope."

THOUSANDS MORE Britons were urged to join The Sun's Jabs Army yesterday to assist in the delivery of Covid vaccination boosters in time for Christmas.

The Duchess of Cornwall and Boris Johnson backed our drive to recruit 30,000 volunteers, despite fears that the Omicron mutation could already be causing 200,000 infections per day.

The Sun is looking for 30,000 people to help boost the national mission to eradicate the Covid variant and save Christmas.

The renewed push comes after Britain's first Omicron death yesterday, with No10 announcing that vaccination clinics will be open later and that people will be vaccinated on Christmas Day in an all-out effort to defeat the virus.

"Thanks to the combined efforts of so many, our country was the first in the world to begin vaccinating its people," Camilla, president of our Jabs Army partner, the Royal Voluntary Service, told The Sun.

"Now that we're dealing with this new variant, I'm confident that the wonderful Royal Voluntary Service and the Jabs Army will band together once more to ensure that we're all safe during the booster jab."

"You make us proud, and you give us hope for a better future."

The call comes amid a mad dash to get a crucial third dose.

The Government website crashed yesterday as a result of the large number of people trying to book a vaccine.

More than 600,000 slots were reportedly sold, with 15 bookings per second recorded at its peak.

People stood in long, snaking lines outside walk-in vaccination clinics for up to six hours.

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Meanwhile, because so many people had ordered lateral flow tests online, the NHS ran out of its daily allotment of free lateral flow tests.

The Prime Minister, who yesterday visited a vaccination center in Westminster, central London, promised to speed up the vaccine program.

He urges Brits to join the Jabs Army and give the country the "most amazing" Christmas gift by writing in today's Sun.

The military is being deployed by Downing Street to spearhead the boost programme, with 750 soldiers and planners being brought in to assist.

Thousands of health workers are being diverted from their regular duties and assigned to the vaccination front lines.

As the country races to offer a booster to all over-18s by the end of December, round-the-clock vaccination sites are being established.

Booster shots are available at the Science Museum and Chester Cathedral as mass sites reopen.

Walk-ins will be able to get their third dose at pop-up clinics such as Wembley Stadium, Stamford Bridge, Twickenham Stoop Stadium, Jaguar Land Rover Solihull, and the East London Mosque.

The super-infectious Omicron strain, according to the PM, is "spreading very quickly" and will be the dominant strain in London by the end of today.

"We now want to hit warp speed," he said of the vaccine program, "and we'll have to achieve a pace and a number of daily booster doses that will exceed anything we've done before."

To hit the target, around one million jabs will have to be administered per day.

In March, the UK set a new record for daily vaccines with 845,000.

Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Health, has hinted that the requirement for people to wait 15 minutes after their vaccination in case of an allergic reaction will be abolished.

The move would help increase the number of vaccinations given each day.

The major push comes after it was revealed that ten people had already been diagnosed with Omicron.

They ranged in age from 18 to 85, and the majority were double-jabbed.

Wes Streeting, Labour's new health secretary, endorsed the booster campaign.

"The target of getting one million people their booster vaccine every day is unprecedented, and it may even prove impossible," he told the Commons, "but we applaud the ambition; if anyone can do it, it's the NHS."

Angry MPs, on the other hand, accused ministers of being asleep at the wheel, claiming that the massive increase in jabs should have happened months ago.

"Covid infection rates took off in late September," Tory bigwig David Davis said.

In October, the death rate skyrocketed.

"Why didn't we do this back in September?"

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