Coach Blake Shelton is being slammed by 'The Voice' viewers.

Some fans of NBC's "The Voice" are upset with Blake Shelton after he favored contestant Wendy Moten over his other finalist Paris Winningham.

Shelton had two contestants perform two songs during the season finale, but his comments toward Moten were more positive than his comments toward Winningham, according to one Reddit thread, which also stated that they believe Shelton is generally uninterested in being on the show.

Shelton has stated throughout the season that he believes Moten is the best artist he has ever worked with on "The Voice," and that she should and will win season 21.

"After his second performance, he was hyping Wendy like crazy and only said three words to Paris," one person said.

"I, too, thought this was a bit distasteful. Music is these people's life and passion, so I get it. But he should at the very least be apologetic about failing so hard to be impartial," one commenter said.

Some people took to Twitter to express their feelings.

"Blake is riding much harder for Wendy than for Paris... but I prefer Paris," one Twitter user said.

Another person compared Shelton's reactions to those of Moten and Winningham, claiming that they wanted someone to hype them up like Shelton does with Moten, but "not like Blake said all of four words to Paris."

"I believe Blake prefers Wendy over Paris, which is a shame," another user wrote.

Others cast doubt on Winningham's emotions.

One person tweeted, "I wonder how Paris feels when Blake insists that Wendy is a shoe-in."

Some speculate that Shelton is no longer invested in "The Voice" or the show's contestants.

Fans discussed his involvement (or lack thereof) in one Reddit thread.

"I was in the studio audience a few weeks ago, and he was on his phone a lot during the commercial breaks, genuinely seeming disinterested in being there (though I understand the routine of it all gets a little mundane), and I was disappointed he didn't interact with us as much as Ari, Kelly, and John did," one person said.

"Yep agree. He hasn't been the same since Adam left. That bromance was really good. But it's kind of starting with him and Ari, so I hope it's just the newness this year," another wrote.

Others expressed their dissatisfaction with Shelton's performance on the show over the last few years, while others defended him.

"This season, I really like his more laid-back vibe; it doesn't come across as disinterested to me," one person said.

Because of her extensive background in the music industry, some fans were already upset about Moten's inclusion in the competition ahead of the season 21 finale.

Wendy Moten is a singer who has been active in the music industry since the 1990s.

In 1994, her single "Come In Out of the Rain" charted in the United Kingdom.

In 1993, it also reached number 5 on the adult contemporary charts.

From 2005 to 2018, she sang backup vocals for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their tours.

Moten has also toured with Martina McBride and Vince Gill, according to her website.

Some fans believe that professional artists with such long careers do not belong on "The Voice," where 14-year-old contestants with no professional experience are also competing. Moten has released six studio albums and one EP.

"The Voice" has yet to be renewed for season 22, but if it is, it will premiere in the fall of 2022, most likely in mid-September.

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