Cops have closed the road leading to Kensington Palace after 'three loud bangs' sparked fears of a shooting.

According to authorities, police were dispatched to reports of "three loud bangs" near Kensington Palace, with road closures in place "for some time."

On Saturday afternoon, a helicopter circled the area, and officers have confirmed that the incident is unrelated to the palace.

"Officers are responding to an incident at the intersection of Kensington Road and Palace Gate," Kensington and Chelsea Police tweeted.

"The public is not at risk, but roads are closed and will likely remain closed for some time."

"We will provide an update as soon as possible."

A large number of ambulances and what appear to be armed police standing guard in the middle of the road can be seen in video taken at the scene.

"I wasn't there when the incident happened, but I got out of my Uber and started walking," eyewitness Millie Kerr, 40, told MyLondon.

As I walked through the park, I noticed what I'm almost certain were paramedics performing chest compressions on at least one person.

"It was next to a car, but it didn't appear to be a car accident; the helicopter had only been in the area for five minutes."

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