Despite 'huge anger' over the Hamilton farce, Mercedes is considering dropping its F1 appeal.

Mercedes is said to have reversed their decision to appeal the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix's controversial restart.

After a safety car slammed the brakes on the race, racing director Michael Masi decided to let the lapped cars pass Lewis Hamilton and restart the race, giving Max Verstappen a clear lead over the seven-time Formula One champion.

The Red Bull driver eventually passed Hamilton and won his first world title, leaving Hamilton and the rest of the Mercedes team speechless.

Two initial protests from Hamilton's team were quickly dismissed at the Yas Marina Circuit, but they signaled a strong desire to overturn Masi's contentious decision.

However, in yet another dramatic turn of events, reports claim that Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, and Hamilton are now considering abandoning their plan to file a new appeal.

According to The Times, Hamilton and Mercedes are now weighing their options, fearing that if they appealed the decision, F1's reputation would be dragged through the mud.

While they appear to be backing away from an appeal, the Hamilton camp is still filled with rage, frustration, and bemusement.

Before the safety car came out, Hamilton appeared to be on his way to a record-breaking eighth world championship.

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Masi's decision to restart the race after the safety car had passed gave Verstappen a huge advantage, which the Dutchman exploited to devastating effect.

Mercedes and their own QC argued their case forcefully to the officials at the time, but their protests were ignored.

Christian Horner, the CEO of Red Bull, is said to be willing to defend Verstappen's victory in court.

He is thought to have returned to the UK to consult with Red Bull HQ and a legal team about a strategy if Mercedes decides to appeal the decision.

Horner also described Mercedes' post-race protests as "a little bit desperate," before expressing his desire to fight any appeal in court.

Mercedes has until Thursday night to decide whether or not to appeal the decision.

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