Dolly Parton's husband devised a cunning plan to keep fans away from their home.

Dolly Parton is a well-known country music star, so it's understandable that fans want to learn more about her.

Parton previously revealed how her husband, Carl Dean, made it a point to keep fans from loitering around their home and taking photos. Here's how he did it.

Parton stated in an interview with the late Johnny Carson that her husband disliked seeing her perform.

He was too nervous to watch, according to her.

Parton and Dean had been married for ten years at the time of the interview (1977), and he had yet to see her perform.

Dean earned a reputation for being mysterious over the years.

He doesn't go to any of Parton's public appearances.

Her husband, the country singer, says he doesn't mind stepping out of the limelight for her.

Parton told Carson that tour buses passed by her Nashville home on occasion.

She admitted that she didn't think she was that big of a star at the time, so the tour buses surprised her.

Dean worked a lot in their yard, according to Parton, and he enjoyed being outside.

Fans would approach him, oblivious to the fact that he was her husband.

Most assumed he was the groundskeeper or a gardener.

Parton said he didn't mind because he prefers people to think he's a regular guy rather than the husband of a celebrity.

"No, you've got the wrong one, I just work here," the "Jolene" singer said when fans started taking pictures of the house, Dean would tell them, "No, you've got the wrong one, I just work here." Parton said Dean would usually discourage fans from taking pictures of the house.

Fans would also ask Dean about Dolly Parton, unaware that he was her husband.

"Then they'd start questioning him about me," Parton explained.

"Oh, she's really nice, I just love her," he'd say, "but her husband, I don't know about him. He's kind of weird," he'd say.

Parton also discussed an incident in which a tour bus collided with the fence surrounding her home.

She claims that the passengers on the bus told Dean not to tell Parton or her husband that the fence had been damaged by a tour bus.

The tourists had no idea they were conversing with Dolly Parton's husband.

Parton told Carson that she met her husband the day she arrived in Nashville in 1964.

"All I did was take up with a strange man," she joked.

"My daddy didn't want me to leave home for that exact reason; he knew I'd do it." Carson was taken aback by this revelation, but she quickly clarified that she was joking.

Parton claims she first met Dean while washing her clothes at a local laundromat.

As she walked around outside in her Chevrolet, he drove past her.

Dean warned her that if she stayed outside too long, she would get sunburned.

Parton claims that it is impolite not to speak to people where she is from (Tennessee), so she did.

Dean then returned to the laundromat to speak with Parton.

She tells Carson that as soon as she spoke, she knew she had started something.

For more than five decades, Dean and Parton have been married.

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