For over two hours, a crying dog was 'abandoned' outside Asda in the pouring rain.

A crying dog was left outside Asda in the pouring rain for more than two hours in obvious "distress" before being rescued by a group of people, including two kind-hearted schoolgirls.

Christine Jones was shopping at Asda in Woodchurch, Wirral, Merseyside, on Monday, December 13 at around 3 p.m. when she noticed a dog tied outside the store in the rain.

She claimed the dog was clearly in "distress" and was barking nonstop, so she went over to stroke it and try to calm it down.

Christine said she could hear the dog's "anxious" barks echoing throughout the store while she was shopping.

"When I was shopping, I could still hear it while I was in the store - still barking and barking," she told the Liverpool ECHO.

"While walking around, I kept checking my phone to see what time it was and how long it had been out there."

"It was half-past three at this point, so after I paid, I was going to go over to customer service and ask them to put out an announcement for the owner because this dog was clearly becoming stressed."

Christine, who worked in a veterinary practice for 12 years before opening her own arts and crafts shop, said that when she arrived at the customer service desk, there were already two other women complaining to an Asda colleague about the dog outside.

Christine and another woman were told that an announcement could not be made due to a store policy, so they returned to the dog outside, where they discovered three more people had come to its aid.

Two schoolgirls were among those who attempted to assist.

They got the dog out of the rain and into a safe place.

"They stayed with the dog the entire time and just offered to do everything they could," Christine, 59, said. "Today's youth get such a bad rap, but they're not all bad at all."

Christine and another woman who took the dog home contacted Birkenhead Kennels, according to Christine.

Christine took to Facebook after the incident to thank the girls who stayed to help and to offer them a voucher from her shop in exchange for their assistance.

People flocked to praise the girls and women involved after the post was shared over 500 times.

"Well done to everyone involved for caring," one woman wrote. "I truly hope the situation for the dog is resolved as soon as possible."

"Aaah God love her," said a second woman.

She had to be frightened!

"Thank you to the lady who took her in and the girls who helped her wait hours on end for her owner to return."

Christine stated that the dog's circumstances are still unknown, and that despite posting the information on Facebook, no one has claimed the dog.

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