From 'broken tables' to 'Bones Day,' the best TikTok trends of 2021 are here.

Whether you're a TikTok fan or not, you won't be able to avoid some of the biggest trends of 2021.

Here are our top picks for the best TikTok trends of 2021, ranging from catchy audio and funny catchphrases to an old dog predicting your day's events.

TikToker Jonathan Graziano and his old dog Noodle started the "Bones Day" TikTok trend.

Viewers have been watching Graziano's TikTok videos every morning to see if Noodle the pug stands up or not.

Graziano wakes up Noodle and tries to prop him up, but if he flops down again, it means Noodle has "no bones" that day.

TikTok users are advised to go seize the day if Noodle "has bones."

If he doesn't, it's a "no bones day," which means the beloved pug has given us permission to relax.

This year, Graziano's videos really took off, and he now has 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

If you've heard the phrase "I understood the assignment" a lot, it's most likely because of a TikTok song that went viral.

Many TikTok videos of people demonstrating how they're the best at what they do have sprung up as a result of Tay Money's The Assignment. One popular example is a video of an Amazon delivery driver reading a note and knowing how to hide a package from the customer's husband.

@pinkieberg's video has 1.7 million likes.

"Oh no! Our table! It's broken!" was perhaps one of the strangest audio clips to go viral on TikTok this year.

The trend of imitating a small child saying this went viral, with multiple videos receiving millions of views.

This would have been the TikTok trend for you in 2021 if you needed to justify some of your decisions.

The "Mama Said" trend is based on a clip from Lukas Graham's 2015 song of the same name.

The song is now mostly associated with TikTok videos that are mostly wholesome.

Taylor Swift even got in on the act by making a video in which she performs the song while filming herself with the message "Country girls can't do pop."

She then goes on to show pictures of country music star Shania Twain, citing her as an inspiration.

In other Apple news, in an effort to combat child abuse, the company will scan iPhone messages for nudity.

Hackers are warning Android users about a dangerous scam that could drain their bank accounts.

We also revealed some of Google Earth's strangest sights.

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