Google Earth's strangest sights, including a massive'swastika' and a mystery pyramid

If you know where to look on GOOGLE Earth, you can find some strange sights.

We've rounded up some of the best Google Earth locations that will freak you out, from a giant'swastika' to a pyramid mystery.

Thanks to Google Earth's bird's-eye view, you can see this massive symbol in the northern Kazakhstan desert.

It's been compared to the swastika symbol by many people.

It's one of many geoglyphs discovered in 2007 in the Turgai Trough area.

They are thought to be thousands of years old.

Before becoming associated with the Nazis, Swastikas were a fairly common symbol.

Some people believe that these Google Earth images show an unexcavated Egyptian pyramid.

On Google Earth, a self-described "satellite archaeology researcher" discovered this possible pyramid complex.

Experts, on the other hand, claim that the image only depicts eroded hills.

This massive circle of stars is actually a park in Kazakhstan.

It's located on the Upper Tobol Reservoir's southern shore.

Many online comments link it to 'devil worship,' but it's simply a lovely pattern of roads and trees.

Desert Breath is an art installation located in the Egyptian desert.

It covers 1 million square feet and is located near the Red Sea's shore.

Advertisers take advantage of Google Earth's popularity by placing large advertisements in unusual locations.

Colonel Sanders, the colossal KFC, was once stationed in Nevada.

Unfortunately, it can no longer be seen at 37.646163° N, 115.750819° W, but you can see a less bright Coca-Cola advertisement on a hillside in Chile at 18.5292 S, 70.2500 W.

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