I'm a fake tan expert, and these are the most common blunders I see.

If you're new to the world of fake tanners, welcome, and if you need a refresher on the basics that will keep you streak-free, these tanning experts have revealed the top blunders we all make.

@Hondroutwinsofficial, the TikTok-famous twins, love fake tan just as much as we do and are well-versed in the ABCs of fake tanning.

There are four common blunders that will ruin your fake tan, according to them.

The first blunder, they say, is not exfoliating old tan.

We understand that you get lazy from time to time - we all do - but when it comes to fake tanning, it's critical not to skip this crucial step.


It will not only leave you with baby-smooth skin, but it will also provide a clean foundation for the new layer.

Using a moisturiser before tanning is just as important as getting rid of the leftover tan.

Because fake tan tends to cling to drier areas, starting with dry skin will leave you with a patchy mess and, even worse, extra dark knees and elbows when you wake up.

After you've prepped your skin, the twins, Jacqui and Victoria, pointed out that some people buy fake tan that is too dark for their skin tone.

The final piece of advice, they say, is to avoid going overboard with the tanning product application.

Keep in mind that less is more.

Fellow fake tan fans couldn't agree more, with one exclaiming, "Moisturize, moisturise, moisturise!"

When asked how often they recommend moisturizing, the twins said, "After each shower!"

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