'Interview with the Vampire'; Here Are the Classic Films That Inspired Late Author Anne Rice

Anne Rice, author of Interview With The Vampire, died on December 11, 2021, but her fantastic works of fiction will likely live on for centuries.

She was one of the few authors whose name was well-known.

Many of her books have also been made into major feature films.

One horror film in particular was a huge and memorable success. Here are some of the films that were inspired by the versatile and prolific writer's work.

Anne Rice is the author of at least 42 works, the most well-known of which is her vampire series of books.

In other words, long before Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, she made vampires cool.

Interview With The Vampire, a best-selling novel published in 1976, was a cultural phenomenon.

She wrote a dark story set in Louisiana and New Orleans in the 18th century about a Lord named Louis.

Louis de Pointe du Lac transforms into a vampire and lives hundreds of years into the future.

The premise of Interview With The Vampire is that he tells his story during a modern-day interview.

In an interview with The New York Times in 1988, she said, "I really got into the character."

"I was able to describe my reality for the first time, the dark, gothic influence on my childhood; it's not fantasy for me; my childhood came to life for me."

Rice had an uncanny ability to create dark and atmospheric scenes.

Furthermore, Hollywood agreed.

The book was adapted into a gothic horror film starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and a young Kirsten Dunst in 1994.

Louis was played by Pitt in the lead role.

In every way, it was a resounding success.

In fact, in 2002, a sequel, The Queen of the Damned, was released in theaters.

The late Aaliyah was in that film.

Anne Rice's work has also found success on the small screen, in addition to the big screen adaptations of her novels.

She was instrumental in adapting the stories for the television movies Rag and Bone (1998), The Feast of All Saints (2001), and Earth Angel (2001).

In addition, the author saw The Young Messiah (2016) adapted into a major feature film, as well as Lestat, a short film, and Exit to Eden, a 1994 film starring Rosie O'Donnell and Dan Aykroyd.

Anne Rice's influential work continues to march forward even after her death.

Her Lives of Mayfair Witches is currently in development as a television series, according to AMC, which was announced in August of 2021.

AMC also acquired the rights to The Vampire Chronicles as part of the deal, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This, too, is in the works as a series.

Anne Rice's movie stardom didn't come without controversy.

She famously slammed the producers for casting Tom Cruise in the role of Lestat, the vampire who recruits Louis to vampirism in the first place.

She eventually changed her mind and admitted that Cruise was a good fit for the part.

According to a 1994 Los Angeles Times article, Cruise eventually called Geffen to apologize for her outspoken opposition.

"She even called (Tom) up and told him she was wrong," Geffen said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

"It's wonderful when someone who was critical of a film sees it, loves it, and admits she was wrong."

a very refined gesture"

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