Jadeveon Clowney Speaks Out About His Browns Future

While his numbers aren't spectacular, Jadeveon Clowney has been a standout for the Cleveland Browns this season as Myles Garrett's opposite.

Clowney has been relatively healthy during his time with the Browns, missing only one game after some injury-plagued years in Seattle and Tennessee.

The former first-round pick has five sacks and 29 tackles, which is the most since his Pro Bowl season in 2018.

Despite the fact that Clowney only signed a one-year contract with Cleveland, there is already speculation about his future with the team, given his high level of play.

During a charity event on Monday, Zac Jackson of The Athletic asked Clowney if he'll be in Cleveland next season, and the towering defensive end responded with a two-word response.

Clowney told Jackson, "We'll see."

The situation in which Clowney finds himself is intriguing.

He didn't have much of a free agent market and had previously turned down the Browns in free agency, opting instead to join the Titans.

With a legitimate Defensive Player of the Year candidate on the other end in Garrett, he's thrived in Joe Woods' defense.

And it's clear that he enjoys his time with the team.

"I think it's a combination of everyone out there; I don't think it's one or two guys," Clowney said after the Ravens' 24-22 win on Sunday.

"We have great speedy linebackers who can get over the top, and we just play well as a unit up front."

On Sunday, Garrett set a franchise record for sacks in a single season, with a strip-sack, scoop, and touchdown.

Garrett credited Clowney for coming up big and being a reliable partner, despite his individual success.

Garrett told reporters, "It's been a one-two punch. I tee off on run, and he tees off on pass. It switches."

"Having someone you can count on on the other side, and really on the entire D-line, it's beautiful to see; when they're trying to take us out of the game, try to go quick, or double team us, we have guys in the secondary to rely on."

Clowney had a huge sack against the Ravens on Sunday and has been a consistent force on the defensive line with his pass-rushing and run-stuffing abilities.

Clowney said of his late sack, "I just felt like we needed to make a play."

"I said someone needed to make a big play for us right now, and I tried to make one."

Prior to the win over the Ravens, Garrett issued a challenge to his defense and teammates, claiming that focus had been lacking since the bye week.

His teammates responded by making several key plays against the Ravens.

"The standard is being set, and we have to be consistent. We are reaching the pinnacle of our abilities and talent. We cannot just be paper champions; we have to prove it on the field," Garrett said. "When I say something and bring intensity, I feel like they match it every time, so I have to bring it every time."

With the Browns firmly in playoff contention, they must overcome a poor second half performance against the Ravens and keep the momentum going.

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