Jenelle Evans was dragged after revealing a statement made by a neurosurgeon.

Jenelle Evans, star of "Teen Mom 2," received backlash after discussing a visit with her neurosurgeon.

The North Carolina native posted a TikTok about her Syringomyelia disease and expressed her fear of being disabled.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Evans has a fluid-filled cyst (syrinx) in her spinal cord, which can cause pain, headaches, and muscle weakness.

"Checkup with my neurosurgeon," she captioned the video, which featured K. Flay's "High Enough" as background music.

"I don't need drugs because I'm already high enough," the song says.

In the video, she raises her fists and pretends to scream, adding, "When you already have a growing cyst in your spine... and the doctor says, 'Can't help you. Go to the ER when you become paralyzed."

Evans, 29, interacted with her followers in the comments section of her Instagram post.

"Do any of you have syrinx? How do you feel? What does your doctor say about it?" the mother-of-three wrote.

Evans might not have to worry about paralysis, according to one viewer.

"Most doctors will probably be cautious when treating you because of your past addictions," they said. "However, paralysis from a cyst on your spine is uncommon."

The remark, however, did not allay the "Teen Mom 2andPrime" star's fears.

Evans responded, "Well, my cyst is still growing, and I now have hemangiomatas [sic] on my vertebrae that weren't there six months ago."

The MTV personality could have been talking about spinal hemangiomas, which are usually painless and benign.

Evans' doctor, according to one supporter, gave her the "scariest" news.

"It's as if I'm just waiting for the day when I won't be able to go outside and play with my kids...," they said.

"EXACTLY," responded the former MTV personality.

"or drive my car, making everything in my house handicapped. I'm terrified."

While Evans' latest health update elicited some sympathy on TikTok, Reddit users had a different take on the social media influencer's latest health update.

"We all know Jenelle is faking this shit because she isn't making anyone look bad except herself," one person said.

Another added, "I have terrible second-hand embarrassment for Jenelle here."

"By the next morning, she'll be shaking her ass on TikTok, having forgotten she was hoping, er, preparing to be handicapped."

"She is completely ridiculous and is seriously the most desperate for attention drama queen," said a third social media user.

Evans confirmed her diagnosis of syringomyelia in a video titled "My Neck, My Back" released in March 2021.

"Every day, I have neck pain and headaches, and my neck cracks," she said around the 12-minute mark of the video.

"I try to get up and be happy and act like I don't have this problem," she says. "By this time, at 5 o'clock, I usually have to tap out because my neck hurts so much. I try to get up and be happy and act like I don't have this problem."

"I have tremors in my hands and my fingertips are numb most of the time," she continued.

"It's a little scary because I feel like I'm gradually losing my ability in my hands, which I really need. I really need my hands!"

When Evans received her results, she described it as "the worst thing ever."

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