Jennifer Aniston: Dolly Parton's 'Tacky' Reveal of Husband's Naughty Fantasy Was Jennifer Aniston's Thought?

Dolly Parton revealed on late-night television that her husband, Carl Dean, fantasizes about him, her, and Jennifer Aniston.

While it may not be an uncommon fantasy, not everyone piques the world's interest by spilling their partner's dirty secrets.

So, did Aniston think Parton's sharing of the story was "tacky," and how does Dean feel about some of Parton's comments about her expectations for his performance?

Parton has stated in multiple interviews that her enigmatic husband is a huge fan of Aniston.

And in 2018, while speaking with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, she revealed a little more about what Dean might be thinking.

"See, I think he fantasizes about being in a threesome with us," she told Fallon before laughing, "I mean, he can't even get it out to pee, let alone three."

The remarks elicited a roar of laughter that night, but later, when Parton was being interviewed with Aniston, the Friends star got the chance to respond.

Parton said she just thought it would be funny to say when the subject came up again with Aniston present, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Dean, according to her, thought it was a "hoot" as well.

Notably, Aniston stated that her friends kept sending her the video and that she thought it was a funny line as well.

"I hope nobody thought it was tacky," Parton said, to which she replied with a long, "No."

In a separate joint interview with Access Hollywood, The Morning Show star stated that she had never met Carl but had already developed feelings for him.

"I love Carl, too," she added before personally repeating the message: "I love you, Carl."

And, when it came to the uproar caused by the remarks, Parton didn't appear to be sorry.

"I said it, and that's fine," she said of the revelation.

"And it's true; he fantasizes about it."

When asked about Parton's Tonight Show interview separately, Aniston admitted that it made her jaw drop, but she didn't seem offended. "It was hilarious, I think it's flattering. And that's Dolly's sense of humor," she told USA Today.

"No one in the world, except Dolly, could get away with saying anything like that about their partner on live television."

Of course, Aniston assures fans that it was all "talk-show fodder," and that her friendship with the longtime superstar is far more G-rated than her husband would like.

Parton, she claims, writes her handwritten letters.

"They're lovely, all on stationary with this Dolly (letterhead); she's so old-fashioned," she said.

"I call her back after she writes," Aniston continued, "because I enjoy talking to her on the phone."

As a result, it appears that Parton's remarks elicited laughter from Aniston, as they were apparently intended to.

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