On 'Men Tell All,' fans believe Tayshia Adams was faking it.

On Monday, December 6,2021, during the "Men Tell All" special, Tayshia Adams spoke out for the first time about her split from Zac Clark.

In the middle of the show, Tayshia was asked about her relationship status, with co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe approaching the subject and giving Tayshia the floor to speak.

"All I have to say is that I'm heartbroken. We tried really hard, and I still love him very much. I'm not sure what the future holds. You know how it is... It's really tough," an emotional Tayshia said.

In a transition, Kaitlyn introduced Rodney Mathews, one of Michelle Youngandrsquo;s former suitors.

Kaitlyn said, "From one broken heart to another."

Tayshia stood up and walked away when Rodney took the stage, perhaps needing a moment to collect herself.

Many fans, on the other hand, didnandrsquo;t see it that way, accusing Tayshia of being phony.

After a year together, Tayshia and Zac decided to part ways.

The couple had not previously spoken about their decision to call off their engagement.

Zac has remained silent about the breakup.

Here's what you'll need to know:

Fans took to Reddit shortly after the "Men Tell All" segment aired to discuss Tayshia and how things went down.

"I adore Tayshia and I'm sorry to hear her engagement did not work out the way we all hoped," one Redditor wrote. "However... I was CACKLING at that theater audition! And then she actually left the stage. Like nah bro what is this Keeping up with the Kardashians episode I missed," another wrote.

"Kaitlyn looked so happy the whole time too lmao it was all so weird," another comment read. "I could tell before the segment that Tayshiaandrsquo;s smile was awkward and forced, and honestly I think Kaitlynandrsquo;s role and delivery in this made it 100 times worse."

A third Redditor added, "I also thought it was bad acting."

"I believe she is experiencing genuine heartbreak and sadness as a result of her breakup with Zac, but the andrsquo;emotionandrsquo; she displayed during the show felt like horrible acting," a fourth person added.

Along with fans believing Tayshiaandrsquo;s segment was fake, others thought the entire episode was forced in many ways andmdash; some even suggested it was scripted.

Many fans thought the show was poorly produced andmdash; and that there was a lot of acting going on, from Peter Izzo calling out someone to serve papers to Will Urena to a streaker in the audience. "It all seemed slightly staged and [over-the-top]. The streaker was also weird and the production made signs were too obvious. I also noticed a few audience people doing their best and really hamming it up," one Redditor wrote.

"The entire Men Tell All seemed so fake! Everyone was going on these long monologues, it was weird. andlsquo;Why, yes, Clayton really wants to be a father, he will be a great andlsquo;Bachelor. andrsquo; Now, Tayshia, tell us about your break up. Oh, I donandrsquo;t know what the future holds, but sure, letandrsquo;s put this out there. I donandrs

"The streaker, the super extra audience members, the production made signs, the pizza," a third person said, "it was all very gimmicky."

A fourth comment read, "The entire episode seemed so scripted that I could barely get through it."

Facebook fan groups and Instagram comments are very similar.

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