Only noticeable at night is a telltale sign you may have caught the Omicron variant.

Doctors have discovered a telltale sign that only appears at night, indicating that you may have contracted the new Omicron Covid variant.

Omicron has been designated as a "variant of concern" by the World Health Organization (WHO), with Boris Johnson implementing the government's Plan B for combating the outbreak.

Doctors in South Africa, where the variant was first discovered, have provided much-needed insight into the symptoms of the variant, according to Coventry Live.

GP Unben Pillay listed the symptoms that Omicron patients were reporting at a briefing convened by the South African Department of Health, with one telltale sign potentially surfacing during the night - "night sweats."

Even if the room you're sleeping in is cool, night sweats occur when you sweat so much that your night clothes and bedding are soaked wet.

Patients with the variant have a dry cough, fever, fatigue, and "a lot of body pains," according to the GP.

He claimed that people who have been vaccinated fare "much better."

Although proof of this is currently lacking, there are numerous signs that the current vaccines will provide some protection against the virus's new strain.

Early evidence suggests that booster vaccinations against Covid-19 provide an additional layer of protection against the disease.

"If the variant undermines vaccine performance, extra protection against the virus could require four or more jabs, possibly with new vaccine formulations รข sharpening questions about whether boosting will need to continue indefinitely," according to a Nature article.

"The Omicron variant has clouded forecasts of how booster campaigns will affect the pandemic's trajectory even more."

Experts, on the other hand, appear to be optimistic about the effectiveness of Covid-19 booster vaccines.

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