PHOTO: Kailyn Lowry's 'Ridiculous' Makeup Draws Criticism

Kailyn Lowry, star of "Teen Mom 2," was targeted by internet trolls after she had her makeup professionally applied.

The mother-of-four posted photos of her new look to Instagram, and social media users shared the photos on Reddit to discuss Lowry's foundation.

Several threads about the look have been started, and not just on the "Teen Mom" subreddit.

Over 1,000 votes and hundreds of comments were cast in one of the most popular discussions.

"Awwwhhhh... It just looks so thick and uncomfortable on her skin, almost like itandrsquo;s a peanut butter face mask thatandrsquo;s hardened just before you wash it off," one person commented.

"I literally just saw this pic on her story and came straight to this sub to laugh with the rest of you about how ridiculous her makeup is," one Twitter user wrote.

Some defended Lowry, claiming that the look was exaggerated because she used a filter.

"I feel like the makeup wasnandrsquo;t that bad; it was just the terrible filter she used for the photo that didnandrsquo;t help her out," they explained.

The photo was also featured on the website "Bad MUAs," which stands for "bad makeup artists."

However, the image was eventually taken down.

Trolls on the internet may have been too quick to judge Lowry's appearance.

The Delaware resident asked her followers what color she should choose for her lips when she posted a picture of her makeup, implying that her makeup artist wasnandrsquo;t finished yet.

In addition, the "Teen Mom 2" star admitted to using a filter.

After receiving backlash for her appearance, Lowry had a message for the critics: "Grow up."

"I'm here to tell you guys that this is the exact same makeup that I posted this morning," Lowry wrote on Instagram stories.

"It was done this morning, I put a filter on it, and it's TV makeup," she says.

She explained that makeup for television is supposed to be heavier because she looks "washed out" if she wears regular makeup.

"So between that and the filter, I promise you guys I'm not attempting to be someone I'm not," Lowry continued.

"It was just the makeup and the filter, so I'm not sure if you like or want to mature."

Ingrid Valencia, who has worked on shows like "Love is Blind," "Real Housewives of Atlanta," "Married at First Sight," and "The Bert Show," as well as "Teen Mom 2," did the makeup for the "Teen Mom 2" star.

The makeup artist goes by her first name, Ingrid, on her website and refers to herself as Atlanta's "Glam Fairy!"

Ingrid spent three years at MAC Cosmetics before launching her own company, Makeup INV.

When working with her clients, Ingridandrsquo;s goal is to make them feel "amazing."

"Makeup is more than just colors to me andmdash; itandrsquo;s a chance for people to step out of their everyday and into something wonderful," she says in her bio.

"I provide a wide range of services and employ tried-and-true methods and top-of-the-line products."

Heavy attempted to contact Ingrid for comment but did not receive a response right away.

Lowry claimed Lopez and DeJesus hooked up in April in the latest round of drama between Lowry, her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, and her co-star Briana DeJesus.

Lowry made the claim while responding to a fan's question on Instagram.

"I don't know what you're trying to say," the mother-of-four explained, "but she allegedly f***** the third one in April, so go ask all of them."

DeJesus, on the other hand, refuted the allegations.

DeJesus wrote in a since-deleted tweet, which was captured by Teen Mom Fanz, "I see a lot of bs online. Stop trying to change the narrative and point the finger now that your true colors are coming out."

"Stop worrying about other people and their problems; concentrate on yourself, honey bun."

"And to answer everyone's question, no, I didn't do anything like that," she added.

"However, donandrsquo;t tempt me"

A defamation lawsuit has been filed against Lowry and DeJesus.

Lopez sided with DeJesus in a new affidavit, saying he met with the Florida native and told her about a domestic incident that occurred with Lopez.

According to court documents obtained by Heavy, Lopez said, "I met with Briana Soto in Miami on or around April 11,2021. We spent a few days there together."

According to the affidavit, "on the first day we spent together, we spoke about the incident that occurred between Kailyn Lowry and myself in September 2020, which resulted in Lowryandrsquo;s arrest."

"During this incident, Kailyn punched me multiple times," I told Briana.

According to her rep, Lowry has denied the allegations and the incident has been expunged from her record.

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