Star Hobson's bruised body was photographed months before she was murdered.

Police have released shocking images of Star Hobson's bruises taken just months before her death.

The photos, which date from July 2020, show the 16-month-old with a large bruise on her face.

Star would later die in a hospital on September 22 after suffering "completely catastrophic injuries" as a result of multiple assaults.

Savannah Brockhill was found guilty of Star's murder, while Frankie Smith, the little girl's mother, was found not guilty.

Smith, on the other hand, was found guilty of causing or permitting the death of a child.

According to YorkshireLive, Star suffered a broken leg in the weeks leading up to her death, which was caused by "considerable force."

Professor David Mangham, a consultant pathologist who specializes in bone fractures, told Bradford Crown Court that Star had fractures to her skull, right tibia, and two ribs.

He also stated that the injuries occurred before her death.

Star's broken leg is thought to have happened two to four weeks before she died from her injuries.

Star's tibia (shin) bone're-fractured' just three to seven days before she died.

A "twisting element of force" is thought to have caused the first tibia fracture.

"Most likely gripping the leg and twisting," Professor Mangham said when asked about the cause of such an injury.

Star's skull had been fractured for five to ten days and her ribs had been broken for two to four weeks when she died.

Professor Mangham described the head injury as a "complex fracture," with one small piece of bone "shattered" into three separate pieces.

He believes the skull fracture was caused by a "blunt forceful impact."

The jury was shown multiple videos of Star in the days leading up to her death, including CCTV footage from September 13, 2020, just days before she died.

Brockhill is seen in her car with Star at a recycling plant in Doncaster in the harrowing video.

Brockhill slaps Star nine times, punches her seven times, and grabs her twice in the video.

The court described Star's mother Smith as a slacker who spent more time partying than caring for her daughter.

Both Smith and Brockhill will be sentenced the following day.

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