Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Album Was 'Just a Metaphor,' She Said.

Taylor Swift has experimented with her artistry in a variety of ways throughout her career.

Swift likes to keep people guessing by spanning multiple musical genres such as country, pop, indie folk, and alternative rock, but one of her albums in particular is a true outlier within her discography.

The album in question is, of course, Reputation.

Swift's sixth studio album is Reputation.

It's not only sonically distinct from her previous and future works, but also in the way the songwriter approached it.

Swift had done a lot of press before releasing a new album up until that point.

She spent a lot of time explaining how she came up with the ideas for the songs and how she went about making the album.

She was, however, notorious for keeping quiet about Reputation.

Swift chose not to discuss Reputation because she was going through a difficult time in her personal life.

She preferred for the work to speak for itself.

While dealing with negative press was difficult for Swift, the criticism became fodder for her album.

Swift spoke with Rolling Stone years after the release of Reputation about how her life inspired the album.

"When my life took a dramatic turn, all of a sudden I knew what to make next," Swift explained. "It's a strange dichotomy to feel like, 'Whoa, this is all really weird, twisted, dark, and dramatic, but I can't stop writing.'"

Swift continued, revealing that the entire album was a metaphor.

"You know, Reputation was just a metaphor," the songwriter explained.

What was Reputation a metaphor for, exactly? The "I Bet You Think About Me" singer explained that it was a response to the criticism she was receiving.

Swift chose to write from the perspective of the media-created narrative about her.

This choice not only sparked her creativity, but it also helped her deal with some of the criticism she was receiving.

Swift admitted, "I think I would have made Reputation whether or not I actually put it out or ever made another album."

"That album was a true catharsis, and I thought I'd had catharsis before, but I hadn't until that album, because it was evoking this strange defense mechanism in me."

And it was the first time I'd done it in that manner.

The only time I'd done it before was with "Blank Space," a song I wrote in response to criticism that I'd received for allegedly dating too many people in my twenties.

"OK, this is what you're all saying about me, so let me just write from this character for a second," I said.

Swift was able to make some new sounds by writing as a different character.

Furthermore, writing Reputation is likely to have aided Swift in writing from the perspective of various characters in folklore and later.

Fans will undoubtedly be excited to see which characters Swift chooses to write about next.

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