The Bachelor 2022 Promo Trailer Reveals Major Spoilers Regarding Clayton Echard's Final Two

Prepare yourself: ABC has released a lengthy trailer for The Bachelor Season 26 with Clayton Echard, which will premiere in 2022, and the new trailer is a dumpster fire full of drama and major spoilers.

The Bachelor 2022 promo trailer went all-in, potentially spilling who Clayton will pick for his top three and final two. Here's a breakdown and what franchise blogger Reality Steve has to say about the spoilers.

[Warning: This article may contain spoilers for The Bachelor Season 26 with Clayton Echard.]

Clayton's season of The Bachelor appears to be exploring new filming locations for extraordinary dates.

Clayton, a "Midwestern boy from Missouri," is introduced under the St. Louis Arch in the season 26 trailer.

The trailer then cuts to a beach group date inspired by Baywatch.

Meanwhile, the trailer for The Bachelor 2022 features a variety of one-on-one dates, including traditional ATV, mountain climbing, kayaking, helicopter rides, and carnival dates.

Clayton then takes a contestant to Niagara Falls later in the season, so it's possible the cast will travel to Canada next season.

Multiple shots of Clayton and his suitors in Europe are also included in the trailer.

Clearly, there will be plenty of romance on the horizon when Clayton's season of The Bachelor returns in 2022, but it doesn't appear that all the excitement will get to the new lead.

Clayton admits to being "in love with three women" in The Bachelor promo, and one of them appears to be Gabriela Windey, aka Gabby, because Clayton tells her directly that he is "falling in love." He also tells a blonde woman in a black dress the same thing.

Clayton then declares that he is "in love" with someone, and the trailer shows another blonde woman kissing the bachelor.

Clayton, on the other hand, is honest with his cast, and the result is unintentionally brutal.

A woman in a voiceover cries later in the preview.

"Is he in love with all three of us?" she asks. It appears that Clayton will reveal his true feelings to his final three, which will most likely make no one feel "chosen" in the end.

Clayton, on the other hand, chooses to be "fully transparent" with his final picks, ostensibly during the rose ceremony following Fantasy Suites.

He says he was "intimate" with both of the women, and there are two roses on the table.

Genevieve Parisi and Rachel Recchia are also shown in the Bachelor preview, but are they Clayton's final two choices?

Although Rachel and Genevieve are prominently featured in the trailer, there is also a clip of Sarah Hamrick crying.

While The Bachelor trailer appears to have spoiled Clayton's final picks, the brunette woman in the rose ceremony shot has short hair, so it appears that things aren't quite matching up. For now, Bachelor Nation fans will have to wait and see who Clayton ends up with in the season 26 finale. But franchise blogger Reality Steve already has some major spoilers about Clayton's journey and ending.

The spoiler expert shared all of the alleged one-on-one dates for next season on Twitter.

Clayton will go on solo adventures with Susie Evans, Sarah, Rachel, Serene, Gabby, Shanae Ankney, and Teddi Wright, according to the blogger.

Susie, Rachel, Serene, and Gabby will be Clayton's final four picks, according to Reality Steve, and Serene will be eliminated after Hometowns.

As a result, the bachelor's final three are Gabby, Susie, and Rachel.

The blogger then addressed all of the spoilers in the promo trailer for The Bachelor.

Reality Steve claimed on Dec. 7 that the scene in which Clayton tells two contestants that he hooked up with both of them was shot in Iceland, where Fantasy Suites and the final rose ceremony were allegedly shot.

The franchise blogger then pointed out that the Sarah clip could be misleading, as she was sent home before the cast moved to Iceland.

Reality Steve also speculated that the short-haired brunette is Gabby, but it appears that Bachelor Nation viewers will have to wait for more information.

"Based on that shot in Iceland, most people now assume Gabby and Rachel are your final two," Reality Steve wrote.

"It appears that way, but given how editing works and how tricky it can be at times, the only thing we can say for sure is that the entire scene takes place in Iceland."

"Saying they're the final two because they're the only two you see with their backs to us, I don't know yet," he continued.

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