The 'I Love Lucy' Scene in 'Being the Ricardos' Nicole Kidman Was 'Obsessed' With Being Correct

Being the Ricardos isn't going to be filled with re-enactments of I Love Lucy scenes. Aaron Sorkin's Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz drama, starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as the famed couple, will be released on December 10th. Being the Ricardos takes place during one week of filming on I Love Lucy, however there are only about five minutes of actual I Love Lucy scenes in the film. Nonetheless, Kidman was "obsessed" with nailing them. In a Q&A following the biopic's first screening on Nov. 13, she shared how she prepared.Kidman admitted to having "huge hesitation" about playing Ball before they began filming at the Being the Ricardos Q&A in Los Angeles on Nov. 13. According to Variety, she grew obsessed with studying Ball's gestures and expressions in I Love Lucy. But Sorkin wasn't as concerned with recreating the I Love Lucy scenes.

"I researched and learned them," Kidman explained. "It became a part of my body and my memory."

"It was my obsession to have it perfectly correct," she added, "and it was [Sorkin's] obsession to have this human being portrayed — what's behind the invention of Lucy Ricardo and who is the lady behind this character?"

The legendary grape-stomping sequence in Being the Ricardos was Kidman's favorite I Love Lucy scene in Being the Ricardos. The unforgettable scene is from "Lucy's Italian Movie," Season 5 Episode 23 of I Love Lucy. It took two days of filming to recreate it. And Kidman said she would have happily filmed it again and again because it was so much fun.

Kidman and Bardem both stated that they didn't know much about the couple aside from their appearances on I Love Lucy. However, they fell in love with them while rehearsing for the parts.

"As a foreigner in this nation at the time, I was obsessed with him and his skills as a comic, as a person, as a producer, and as a musician," Bardem remarked during the Q&A.

He claimed it was interesting to play Arnaz's "sexual and sensual" nature. "There had to be energy," he remarked. "And I had a lot of fun embodying that."

While the internet has been critical of Sorkin's casting decisions (some believe Debra Messing was cheated out of the role, and others wish a Cuban actor had been hired as Arnaz instead of Bardem, who is Spanish), Bardem has stated that he deliberately sought the job. He stated that he felt a great bond with Arnaz.

"Yes, I went after the character of Desi because [the program] wasn't as popular in Spain," Bardem stated on Nov. 14 at Deadline's Contenders Film: Los Angeles. "I knew before witnessing the performance and reading about it that I felt a strong connection to what he represented in some strange way." "I was looking forward to playing him."

Kidman and Bardem did not respond to online criticism of their casting. Lucie Arnaz's opinion was the only one that mattered to them. The daughter of Ball and Arnaz was the one who persuaded Sorkin to write and direct Being the Ricardos in the first place. And she granted Sorkin access to home movies, which helped him understand her parents better. These films, as well as Arnaz's father's autobiography, were crucial in shaping the scenario of the drama.

Kidman stated that she and Bardem had communication with Arnaz and that she approved of their casting. Kidman stated:

"It's a great relief because it's her parents, and we wanted to honor them while also showing them with their flaws." Javier had his own talks with her. She was quite encouraging to us. She wanted us to act out the parts."

Being the Ricardos is the first film chronicling the lives and careers of Ball and Arnaz. It will be released in theaters on December 10 and will be available on Amazon Prime Video on December 21.

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