The production of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' has been halted.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 12 production has been halted.

Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and Garcelle Beauvais have all tested positive for COVID-19, causing the production to be halted, according to TMZ.

According to the outlet, all three women have only mild symptoms and have all been vaccinated.

The break from filming could last several weeks, and the ladies will be tested several times before filming resumes.

Here's what we've learned so far:

Garcelle Beauvais announced on her official Instagram account on Monday, December 13,2021, that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

She said in the video, "Hey guys, happy Monday."

"Well, I hope you're having a good Monday. I found out that I tested positive for COVID. I'm fine. I'm sure I'll be fine. My boys are being tested; so far, they've tested negative, and we're going to keep testing them. Um, send movie or TV recommendations because I'll be quarantining for the next few days. Well, not few, probably 10.

In an Instagram post, Garcelle also revealed that she had been vaccinated.

She wrote, "A Monday morning update for you all."

"I'm grateful to have been vaccinated and not have any symptoms."

The other two housewives, on the other hand, haven't been as forthright.

Lisa didn't respond to the reports, but she did post a clip from the holiday film "Home Alone" on Instagram with the caption "mood," in which the character's grocery bags split open and spilled on the floor.

At the time of publication, Erika had not confirmed any of the reports.

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According to TMZ, who reported the outbreak on December 2,2020, three cast members from the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" were diagnosed with COVID-19 nearly a year ago, and production was halted as a result.

Kyle wrote on Instagram on December 14, 2020, "So happy that my sister @kathyhilton andamp; I are feeling good after fighting covid."

"The year 2021 cannot come fast enough."

The women communicated with each other via Zoom and FaceTime to discuss fellow castmate Ericka Jayne's split from her husband during a brief production halt in season 11 when the women were communicating with each other via Zoom and FaceTime to discuss the announcement of fellow castmate Ericka Jayne's split from her husband.

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