The web is in hysterics over a London pub's profanity-laced list of 'banned punters.'

The hilarious nicknames on a list of barred punters at a London pub have left Reddit users in stitches.

'The Ginger drunk t*** named Angus' and 'the ex con chav t***' are just two of the names typed up in black and white on a notice reminding staff at an undisclosed establishment of customers who should not be served.

Many people have compared the names to characters from a Guy Ritchie film in response to a photo of the list that was shared on social media.

Someone observed, "If you're a troublesome regular in a pub, chances are the staff have a title for you."

Some of the more obnoxious titles have even been accompanied by handwritten descriptions to aid staff in identifying those who aren't welcome at the boozer.

For example, beside 'Danny Miller/ Danny Partidge,' there is a note that says, "He's back."

'One Armed Kieth' and 'Mickey Two Suits,' on the other hand, appear to require no further explanation.

"Fairly certain that is the character list from Guy Ritchie's new film," a Reddit user commented.

"The entire list reads like the casting for a Guy Ritchie film," wrote another.

Since the notice went to print, it appears that more people have been barred from entering the London establishment, according to LadBible.

"Staring Pervert always comes in a crash helmet," is written in pen.

"South African gadging scammer. Ponytail," reads another recent addition.

"Flat cap, coke fiend, barred for threatening regulars (and everything else)" says a third note, written on a yellow post-it note.

"Can we organize a live video steam. This is the Big Brother show the world needs," someone joked online.

Some Reddit users were perplexed by the order of the names on the sheet of shame, which included 'Jason,' 'Adam The Deaf Guy,' and 'Miller.'

"Makes me wonder what the f*** Jason's deal is," one commenter writes.

"He doesn't need an introduction, he doesn't need a description, he's the first person they think of to put on the list. that f****** guy," another added.

With over 20 characters banned from a single pub, some people are desperate to find out what draws them all to the same place.

"I want to go to the pub where they're now drinking; it sounds amazing," one person said.

A second described the cast list as "hell of a party gang" in line one.

"We had a woman in our place we named 'fatty big eye,'" someone shared, implying that it isn't the only pub where staff refer to regulars with a less-than-pleasant nickname.

We couldn't think of anything else because everyone knew who she was.

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