The Winning Act of 'The Voice' Discloses Their Father's 'Downward Spiral'

On Tuesday, December 14, Girl Named Tom made "The Voice" history by becoming the first trio to win the singing competition.

Caleb (26), Joshua (24), and Bekah Liechty (20) are the members of the group.

When Joshua's younger sister was a baby, he called her "Thomas," which became the name of their band.

When Carson Daly announced that the Liechty siblings had won "The Voice," they were all smiles, but they were struggling behind the scenes.

Girl Named Tom posted an update to their Instagram page shortly after the finale.

"As we write this statement, our father is in excruciating pain after yet another surgery; the only reason we are still in Los Angeles is because our parents want us out here, doing what we love; we cannot wait to finally be all in the same room," the post reads.

The post continues by explaining how "The Voice" has aided the Liechty family during this trying time.

"Some may think this is the worst timing andmdash; our father's downward spiral occurring at the same time as our national television success," the statement reads. "In reality, we feel fortunate and blessed by this joyful distraction; The Voice has given our family opportunities to connect, reflect, and marvel at the love we have for each other."

The Liechty siblings' father was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2017, according to the bio on the NBC website for Girl Named Tom.

Joshua, Caleb, and Bekah had all planned to become doctors before hearing the devastating news, but with their father's future uncertain, they decided to spend more time together as a family, and thus, Girl Named Tom was born.

When Bekah graduated from high school and Joshua and Caleb finished college, the band was formed in 2019.

"Best man I know," Bekah captioned a photo of her father, Chris Liechty, on Instagram in June.

The trio has released their first single since winning "The Voice," a Christmas song called "No Snow for Christmas," which they announced on Instagram with a caption explaining the song's backstory.

"It was sunny and 75 degrees in Ohio for Christmas two years ago, and Caleb wrote this song, "No Snow for Christmas." There are so many Christmas songs about snow and snowmen, so we decided to write a song about how it doesn't really snow that much anymore for Christmas.

"At least where we're from," reads the caption.

Although the Liechty siblings grew up in Pettisville, Ohio, where they took piano lessons and performed in theater, their current residence is listed as South Bend, Indiana in their cast bio.

Caleb Liechty told Entertainment Tonight that he and his brother Joshua were hesitant to audition for "The Voice" because they didn't know what to expect.

The 26-year-old admitted, "We weren't sure reality TV was for us."

"But when we got here, we fell in love with it, and we were like, 'OK, we want to win this thing.'"

If the parents of Girl Named Tom were initially sceptical about their children becoming musicians rather than doctors, they have most likely changed their minds.

"I think they're probably totally on board at this point," Joshua told Parade.

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