Tommy Fury was "terrible on purpose" in his last fight to set up a rematch with Jake Paul.

Tommy Fury made a poor first impression in the United States, losing a close decision to Anthony Taylor in August - but the entire fight could have been a clever ruse.

Despite the YouTuber's previous attempts to distance himself from the fight, the former Love Island star is ready to face off against arch rival Jake Paul on a packed December fight card.

Tommy, who has stated that defeating Jake will provide him with no boxing credibility, sees the fight as a money-making opportunity in his career.

Tyson Fury has spoken out about why his brother Tommy was unable to stop Taylor in his US debut earlier this year, which took place on the undercard of Paul vs Tyron Woodley.

"Tommy looked terrible on purpose so he could get this fight, that is what clever people do," Fury said in an interview with Queensberry Promotions' YouTube channel. "Tommy could have his worst night ever and still beat Jake Paul."

"He could show up with broken ribs, a broken left hand, two left feet, his clothes on backwards, and the flu and still beat him."

"That's how confident I am in his ability to defeat Jake Paul."

Tommy is betting on himself to get a first-round knockout on December 18, despite admitting that his seventh and most recent victory wasn't his best.

"It wasn't my best performance," he admitted, "but if it was easy, everyone would do it." He added, "I'm learning day by day and getting better."

There was no danger at all; everything happened as it did because it was in God's hands.

"With that in mind, Jake Paul should have an easy night ahead of him, so there are no more excuses."

"He doesn't have a chin," Jake said earlier this week.

Nobody has ever hit him hard in his life.

"He's never fought anyone, and he can't crack an egg!"

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