Two boys from the same school died within WEEKS of each other after contracting Covid due to delayed vaccinations.

TWO boys from the same school died within a WEEK of each other after their Covid vaccines were delayed.

When Mohammed Habib and Harry Towers were diagnosed with the virus, they were both completing their GCSEs at St John Fisher Catholic College in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Mohammed, a year 10 student who had contracted the virus, died of a stroke on October 24 and was buried two days later.

The 14-year-old died of a brain bleed, a stroke, and Covid, according to a medical examination.

"The coroner was provided with a cause of death which he was satisfied was natural and no further investigations were required," a spokesman for the North Staffordshire Coroner's Court said. "The cause of death was: 1a Cerebral oedema; 1b Stroke; 2: Covid-19."

It comes as investigations into the circumstances surrounding the incident are still ongoing.

What caused the death of Harry Towers, a fellow St John Fisher Catholic College student, just six days later?

Harry, a 15-year-old student who had also contracted coronavirus, died on Saturday, October 30th, according to a coroner's spokesman.

An examination has been carried out, and the investigation is still ongoing because no cause of death has been established.

"At this time, the coroner believes the cause of death was natural, so no inquest has been ordered."

Charlotte Nugent, Harry's sister, paid tribute to her brother, who aspired to be a history teacher and was always a "kind, gentle lad who stood up to bullies," according to Charlotte.

His sister confirmed that he had not been vaccinated and that a lateral flow test had come back negative just two days before he died.

His health deteriorated, and he died two days later.

Neither Harry nor Mohammed had been aware of any underlying health issues.

Just weeks before the double tragedy, students at St John Fisher Catholic College were scheduled to receive Covid vaccinations at the school.

However, only flu vaccinations were administered at the school, and the Covid vaccinations were rescheduled for mid-November, according to reports.

Neither boy had been vaccinated, according to reports.

During a virtual assembly on Wednesday, November 3, both students were remembered with prayers, and senior staff paid tribute to them.

Acting headteacher Garrett Murray refused to comment on the coroner's findings or the school coronavirus delay today.

"We went above and beyond what was expected with our Covid restrictions," he previously told the BBC.

"My rational mind tells me that we did everything we could and that both situations were tragedies, but my irrational mind beats me up every day."

Richard Harling, the director of public health for Staffordshire, has so far declined to comment on the cases.

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