Tyron Woodley responds angrily to Jake Paul's fight bonus of $500,000.

Tyron Woodley has reacted angrily to Jake Paul's offer of an additional $500,000 if the former UFC fighter can knock him out.

Woodley claims that it gives him "extra motivation" to beat Paul by KO in their upcoming fight.

After Tommy Fury pulled out of the fight, Paul and Woodley will fight again on December 18.

In the build-up to the fight, Fury broke a rib, allowing Woodley to take his place as Paul's opponent.

Woodley had been training in preparation for a rematch with Paul after losing to him in a split decision earlier this year.

On Thursday, Woodley told MMA Fighting, "At the end of the day, you put a bag on your own head."

"S***, I'm all about getting that free money."

I was planning on doing it anyway, but if he wants to tempt me a little more, I'll do it.

"You don't give a kid from Ferguson half a bag to go out there and do what he wants to do anyway, so it does put motivation in his head."

"When you feel like you're at a certain level, you feel like you're at a certain point in your life and career, you want the bag to match where you feel like you're at, it's just kind of a personal matter behind it," she says.

Following the first fight, it was reported that Woodley would not be allowed to KO Paul due to their contract.

According to USA Today, the contract's only stipulation was that Woodley could not wear Grant gloves.

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