Vernon Kay lends his support to The Sun's Christmas campaign and meets Caleb, a 16-year-old who has had to relearn how to walk.

Caleb Higgs-Collier has only one Christmas wish: to be able to walk without assistance once more.

During a family construction project, half a tonne of decking fell on him, injuring him and leaving him with eight screws and two rods in his back.

He has been undergoing physiotherapy to regain his ability to walk for the past few months.

As part of our Joy To The Ward appeal, The Sun sent TV personality Vernon Kay and horse therapy Shetland pony Jonnie to see how he's doing.

We're raising funds for NHS Charities Together, which provides specialist services and equipment to nearly 240 NHS charities across the UK, as well as investing in community projects that improve local healthcare.

"It's incredible to realize that everything around this room we're in in the Horatio's Garden has all pretty much been funded by people's charitable donations," Vernon, 47, said at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Bucks, where Caleb is receiving treatment.

"It's truly remarkable that we as a country come together to support the NHS, and it's people like Caleb who benefit from it."

Caleb, from Newport, Gwent, spent four months in an acute ward at Cardiff's University Hospital before being transferred to Stoke Mandeville's National Spinal Injuries Centre a month ago.

Along with other physiotherapy, he has been receiving hydrotherapy.

Vernon learned how equine therapy could help him regain his confidence during his visit.

"Hydrotherapy in the pool allows me to do a lot of stretches without having to worry about gravity," Caleb explained.

"I also have Functional Electrical Stimulation, which sends current through my muscles to encourage them to move again."

"With the treatment, I should be able to walk again soon."

Caleb was afraid he would lose his mobility, but thanks to the hospital's incredible work, specialized equipment, and his own determination, he can now walk short distances with the aid of a frame.

Nat Collier, a 45-year-old civil servant, is also staying at the hospital in a room paid for by donations while he receives treatment.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund, which is supported by NHS Charities Together, also organizes family days and offers Nat support.

"It's amazing to see the NHS doing everything they can to get him back up and running," Vernon said.

The facilities are truly outstanding.

It's everything Caleb and the rest of the group need.

"However, the NHS is on its knees in many ways and requires NHS charity support to go further for us all."

"Charity donations are essential," Caleb added.

Horatio's Garden, which provides a respite from the clinical environment for spinal injury patients, is one of the main projects funded.

They can be wheeled out in their beds to take in the sights and sounds of the natural world.

It was also the ideal location for Caleb to receive equine therapy from Jonnie.

Patients benefit from the 16-year-old pony from the HorseHeard learning program, which provides a sense of calm and relaxation.

HorseHeard has locations all over the country, and its visits to Stoke Mandeville take place outside in the open air, surrounded by nature.

The therapy has been shown to help young people express their feelings and gain confidence.

"The horses are really sensitive, they reflect back how the person is feeling," said Vicky Bennett of HorseHeard.

"The HorseHeard project is one of the most recent we have funded through our community partnerships grants," said Ellie Orton OBE, Chief Executive of NHS Charities Together.

"We believe this will help to reduce disparities in mental health support access."

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