WATCH: A New 'Survivor 41' Finale Sneak Peek Is Making Its Way Across the Internet

"Survivor 41" fans are looking forward to the season's dramatic conclusion tomorrow night, with many making predictions and sending positive vibes to their favorite castaways.

While some fans prefer to go into the finale blind, others are taking advantage of every preview and sneak peek CBS has to offer before the big day.

CBS recently released a new sneak peek of the first minute or so of Wednesday's finale, titled "One Thing Left To Do... Win," which includes a confessional from one contestant and a brawl between two others.

Here's what you should be aware of:

The sneak peek, which can be seen above, takes place on night 26 after the final five contestants andndash; Ricard Foyandeacute;, Erika Casupanan, Heather Aldret, Xander Hastings, and Deshawn Radden andndash; return from Tribal Council in episode 12.

After the previous night's Tribal Council, the final five contestants went to live on the eponymous island for the final three days, as seen in season 39's "Island of the Idols."

A confessional from 20-year-old Xander appears in the "Survivor 41" finale preview, in which he expresses his excitement for such a change in circumstances, given how he believes it will benefit him.

The focus shifts to Deshawn and Erika, with the former proposing that they talk about what happened at Tribal (referring to his exposing Erika's plan to blindside her ally Heather), to which Erika caustically responds, "I'm not ready to talk to you right now, but you're welcome for being here." Deshawn claims it was a "hail Mary" on his part, and that he "had to do what I had to do."

Fans are ecstatic about Erika's reaction to Deshawn in the preview, with one Reddit user claiming that her "you're welcome for being here" line "ended Deshawn's game in one line." Another said that her decision to keep Deshawn after his "hail Mary" at Tribal was an "underrated move," especially in front of the jury.

"While showing that she wasn't rattled enough by his statement to change her plans," they explained, "she took complete ownership of saving him."

Another user described the Canadian-born castaway as "a savage."

Despite the fact that fans appear to be rooting primarily for Ricard and Xander, Erika may find herself embraced by fans if she wins the million dollar prize.

Ricard and Xander appear to be the most likely winners right now; Surviving Tribal placed Ricard in the number one "Power Rankings" spot for the second week in a row, and Xander moved up to-hashtag-3, trailing only Danny McCray, who was voted out in last week's episode.

Vulture predicted Ricard to win the finale, followed by Erika, then Xander at-hashtag-3, with some fans even speculating on the possibility of a surprise Heather victory, with several users on Twitter wondering why Erika thought Heather was a jury threat.

Heather winning would make this season "one of the best seasons ever made," according to one user on the show's subreddit.

"A winner with that little screen time combined with the abundance of twists/advantages would make survivor 41 have such [a] unique, funny, and weird story that would make it genuinely amazing," the user explained.

Given Heather's pitiful lack of screen time and story arc, fans of the contestant are likely to be disappointed heading into the season finale.

The winner of the others, particularly Xander, Erika, and Ricard, will be revealed only in the "Survivor 41" finale.

The season finale of "Survivor 41" will air on CBS tomorrow at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Season 42 is set to premiere on March 9, 2022.

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