While shopping at TJMaxx, I discovered a major secret about their designer brands.

EVERYONE enjoys a TJMaxx run because you can get everything from home goods to nice shoes for a great price.

Even the designer labels they sell are offered at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, a woman who works as a luxury goods reseller claimed that someone tried to deceive customers.

"I don't care who you are, but we all need to know this as consumers," she began in her video.

"I was just browsing TJMaxx's clearance section when I came across this lovely dress."

"Alice Olivia is a high-end brand, and this dress retailed for $595, according to the tag on the dress."

"This was originally priced at $149.99 at TJMaxx, and it was on clearance!"

She went on to say that as a huge fan of the brand, she was well aware that the dress was not something they would create.

The woman then proceeded to turn the dress over and check the tag inside, which revealed to be a tag from a different brand - a much cheaper brand.

"This brand, LoveShackFancy, is available at Target, and a closer examination of the label reveals that it was clearly stitched on."

She went on to say that after she discovered the dress, she took it to the manager to inform them of the situation.

The woman implied that someone had purchased the dress, sewn on the fake label, and attached a fake price tag to it in order to obtain an "unnecessary refund."

TJMaxx was contacted for comment by The Sun, but no response was received at the time of publication.

Unfortunately, discount retailers like TjMaxx, HomeGoods, and Marshall's are notorious for this type of transaction.

A lifestyle blogger previously claimed on TikTok that she found a "vintage" vase at HomeGoods that she had purchased at a garage sale, discount store, or second-hand store.

She even discovered evidence of an old sticker from the previous store claiming it was only $1. In response to her video, a New York City father claimed that similar incidents occur frequently.

"What people are doing is going to HomeGoods, shopping, and then going back to their house and finding anything that's lying around," he began.

"They'll peel off that HomeGoods sticker, stick it on whatever is lying around their house, then return to HomeGoods for a refund."

"This has been going on for years at HomeGoods, Marshall's, and TJMaxx because these stores have such large inventories and the employees have no way of keeping track of all the actual products the stores hold, so 99 percent of the time, returns fall through the cracks and it's terrible!"

Many people took to the comments section to say they were aware of what had happened because they had encountered similar situations before.

"They almost did that with my toddler's Uniqlo vest! Uniqlo would never be sold there!" one mother wrote. "One time, they hung up my old sweatshirt that I forgot at the store and I went back to get it and it had a price tag on it and hung up."

"Worked at Ross, this is absolutely true. At our store, you just did the return, no arguing," a second person added.

"I work at Marshall's and I just came across four mugs from a local cafe that got returned with our price tags," a third claimed.

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