Why was Helen Mirren kicked off the'Devil's Advocate' set by Al Pacino?

Al Pacino is regarded as one of the greatest actors of all time.

Many of his contemporaries have praised the Scarface star for his filmography and long list of accolades.

Helen Mirren was one such admirer, and she may have crossed a line just to meet Pacino, her idol.

As a result, Pacino fired The Queen's actor from the set.

Al Pacino has long been a fan of Mirren's, to the point where the Hobbs and Shaw star admitted that Pacino was the driving force behind her decision to star in Phil Spector's film.

Helen Mirren plays a defense attorney defending music producer Phil Spector, who is accused of murder.

Pacino was one of Mirren's answers when HBO asked what drew her to the film.

Mirren said, "Really, it was the opportunity to work with Al Pacino and David Mamet."

She admitted that she was on vacation when she got the part call, but she couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with Pacino even though she was on vacation.

"When the call came, I was thinking, 'Oh, I'm just going to take two or three months off, I'm not going to work for a while, I could use a break,'" Mirren explained. "But I couldn't resist working with such incredible luminaries of drama and literature."

They wanted me to start in four days, but I requested a week to study the script and prepare myself.

They gave me a week and I was ready to go."

Mirren couldn't help but be enthralled by Pacino after working with him on the set of The Godfather.

"For me, the most overwhelming experience was working with Al Pacino and realizing something I'd always suspected but only from afar - seeing up close what an extraordinary actor he is," Mirren said.

Mirren, on the other hand, wasn't the only one who was enthralled by the Oscar winner's performance.

Pacino didn't want Mirren anywhere near him when they first met several decades ago.

On the set of Devil's Advocate, Mirren met Al Pacino for the first time.

Helen Mirren's husband, Taylor Hackford, directed the 1997 film at the time.

Mirren snuck onto the set, thanks to her husband's help, to catch Pacino in action.

Mirren told The Sunday Morning Herald, "My husband told me to keep a low profile."

Mirren's efforts, however, were in vain, as Pacino caught Mirren spying on him.

"However, Al spotted me behind hundreds of people, and I saw him talking to my husband, and Taylor came over and said, 'I'm sorry, Helen, I'm afraid you'll have to leave the set,'" she recalled.

Pacino's reaction didn't seem to bother Mirren.

Rather, she could see his point of view.

"He didn't want me there because it's a weird actor thing where you don't like being looked at by your peers," Mirren explained.

Years later, when the two officially collaborated on Phil Spector, Mirren couldn't help but bring up the incident.

"I told him, 'Al, this is one set you won't be able to throw me off,'" she explained.

Pacino's dedication to his craft once cost the studio extra money, according to Mirren.

Pacino deviated from the script when he sang Frank Sinatra's It Happened in Monterey, according to The New Yorker.

Pacino's ability as a performer wowed Mirren once more.

"It's completely out there, surreal and brilliant," Mirren said of the film.

Mirren claimed that the studio paid "a huge sum of money for the rights, but it was worth it" when Pacino lip-synced to Sinatra's song.

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