With the new 'Year in Review' feature, you can see your Facebook highlights from 2021.

On Facebook, META has begun rolling out a "Year in Review" feature that allows users to see and share their favorite moments from 2021.

The throwback feature, which comes in the form of a personalized "Year Together" card, will be available globally in the coming days on both Android and iOS apps, according to the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, who plans to keep it live until December 30.

The card is essentially a highlight reel of the 'friends, feelings, places, and people' that Facebook users were most interested in in 2021.

Users can share their custom card on their feed for others to view, "like," or comment on in true social media fashion.

The feature will suggest posts and content for the card based on what the user has shared on Facebook throughout the year.

However, because the card is completely customizable, users can ignore the automatic suggestions and choose their own images or content instead.

In addition to having creative control over their content, Facebook users also have control over who sees it.

Meta's initiative to help users relive their favorite moments from 2021 isn't just for Facebook users.

A similar wrap-up feature for Instagram was launched by the conglomerate, which includes a custom end-of-year "Playback" video that can be shared with Instagram Stories.

However, to be eligible for the feature on Instagram, a user must have shared at least three stories on their account during the year 2021, or have Stories Archive turned on.

The company is likely optimistic about the new initiatives on both platforms, as Facebook has had a similar "On This Day" feature for more than six years.

In 2021, the recent introduction of end-of-year reviews across social media apps, such as Reddit and Snapchat, has become increasingly popular.

This is in part due to the popularity of Spotify's annual Wrapped feature, which debuted in 2015.

In other news, after more than a decade, Samsung is reportedly discontinuing its beloved Note smartphone.

Beginning next year, Apple will allow customers to repair their own iPhones for the first time.

According to officials, the UK is fighting an epidemic of hacking attacks aimed at consumers and businesses.

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