With these three products, you can help your body recover from a hangover or a holiday feast.


Tara has put long-wearing lipstick to the test, while I look at ways to help your body cope with a hangover or get over a big festive feast.

HANGOVER - Take two of Yeti andamp; The Fox's oddly named Good Night tablets before you start drinking, and a third before you go to bed.

Each tablet contains 500mg of L-cysteine, which helps your liver process excess alcohol, as well as glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage.

The tablets have been clinically proven to prevent hangovers in independent trials.

They really do work: after a long night, I felt less hazy, anxious, and sick.

Enzymedica's FOOD - Digest Gold is an enzyme supplement.

Enzymes are proteins that help us break down and get nutrients from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fiber by speeding up reactions and acting like tiny scissors, cutting up the food we eat into smaller components.

Take one capsule at the start of every meal.

If you're planning a hearty meal, this is ideal.

BOTH -?Dr Vegan Debloat and Detox is an advanced formula of botanicals and amino acids that helps to relieve abdominal bloating while also supporting liver detoxification and purification.

Milk thistle, silymarin, fennel, artichoke, and dandelion are all included in this unique formula.

BUDGET - For less than a tenner, there are 40 different shades to choose from.

It's a little drying, but not as much as you'd expect from a product with this much staying power.

If your lips are dry, apply it over a lip balm or primer.

It's simple to stay in the lip line with the pointed applicator.

It's not chalky or flaky, and it's lasted a whole night out.

This is the lippy to get if you're looking for a new one for the holidays.

MID - I have a hard time finding a red that isn't too blue or too orange, but I'm obsessed with the color Uncensored.

It lasted all day, all night, and into the next day, as Fenty claims, and I challenge anyone to dislike it.

To remove the stain, you'll need a strong oil cleanser.

Warning: It transfers easily at first, so wait until you've removed your mask for the night before applying.

LUXURY - A creamy, ultra-matte crayon that delivers serious pigment in a single swipe.

I prefer the crayon design to the doe-foot applicators on the other two.

I chose It Girl, a bold party pink that will also look great in the spring, from the 25 shades available.

It stayed on all day and didn't feel dry, but I had to reapply after meals because it wore away from the center of my lip.

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