You'll need this simple iPhone photo sharing tip if you want to take high-quality photos.

If you've ever been frustrated by low-quality images on your iPhone, double-check that you're using the correct method.

When sending photos between iPhones or Apple devices, AirDop is far superior.

Unfortunately, AirDrop is only available on iOS and MacOS, which is a bummer if your friends have an Android phone.

Nearby Share is Google's own AirDrop-like service.

AirDrop is far superior to emailing or using a messaging app for sharing photos between Apple products because the photo quality is maintained.

It works with any iOS 7 or newer device.

Make sure you're within 30 feet of the device between which you want to send content.

You can use AirDrop to send photos, documents, audio, web links, and more.

Make sure you have data or turn on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Swipe on your homescreen to open your Control Center panel, then hold down the Wi-Fi symbol.

It should expand into a menu, with an option for AirDrop. Select whether you want it available to 'Contacts Only' or 'Everyone' by clicking the AirDrop symbol.

You'll need AirDrop set up and turned on on the device you want to send content to, then simply find the content you want to send, click to share it, and AirDrop should appear as an option.

Once you've clicked the button, wait for the device you'd like to pair with to appear; once you've clicked on the device you'd like to pair with, that device will have to accept your content, which should happen in seconds.

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