Zendaya's Worst Fear in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Is Tom Holland Vomiting in His Spider-Man Suit

Many people admire Tom Holland's ability to wear the iconic Spider-Man suit, but Zendaya is not one of them.

The Spider-Man: No Way Home actress has firsthand experience with Holland's costume, and she is concerned for her co-star and boyfriend's safety.

Zendaya revealed she was worried about emergencies like Holland needing to throw up while discussing the web-slinging suit with Holland on The Graham Norton Show. Since landing the Spider-Man role in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holland has reminded fans how honored he feels to wear the costume.

It does, however, have some drawbacks.

For example, according to Insider, the actor revealed that he finds it difficult to use his phone or scratch his face while wearing the suit because he is completely covered in fabric.

Holland's skintight costume also necessitates the use of thong underwear, which he admitted took some getting used to. Going to the bathroom is also a significant challenge.

He said on Live With Kelly and Ryan in 2017 that he had to plan his bathroom breaks ahead of time, according to Insider.

"Drinking water while dressed as Spider-Man is risky because an accident isn't an option," Holland explained.

"That suit is so pricey; they'll be furious with me."

Despite the suit's flaws, Holland was always grateful for the opportunity to play the superhero.

"It looks amazing, but it feels terrible," he said on the talk show, "but it's such an honor to wear it, it outweighs any discomfort."

Despite the fact that Zendaya has worked with Holland since his first Spider-Man film, seeing him in costume still gives her anxiety.

The former Disney Channel star explained how dangerous the Spider-Man suit can appear during their appearance on The Graham Norton Show on December 3rd.

As seen above, Zendaya said, "It's one piece, so there's a helmet, and there's all these things that go underneath it."

"And I always have this fear that if he's working really hard or something happens, like if he has to throw up and-hashtag-8230; How is he going to get it out? I get a little scared sometimes when I look at him and-hashtag-8230; It just stresses me out."

Norton agreed that it was a valid concern, as disgusting as it was to consider.

Holland, on the other hand, admitted to faking Zendaya's appearance.

He claimed he would make choking noises, prompting his co-star to call for assistance.

Fortunately, Holland hasn't had to deal with an emergency like that in the suit.

In the last few years, Holland has learned a lot about his Spider-Man costume.

Norton showed a disturbing photo of the actor with a tube running from a Starbucks frappuccino cup through the suit's eye cut-out during the interview.

The eyes are the suit's only access point, according to Holland.

"There's a hole underneath the eye socket where we used to be able to feed a tube down," he explained, "and I could drink without taking the suit off because it takes so long."

As he revealed to Entertainment Tonight in 2019, the actor has even found a way to sneak some food into his costume.

"I can now squeeze gum and stuff down the eye hole if I push the mask forward," Holland explained.

"I've had a Kit Kat in the suit now," says the narrator.

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