The match between Lyon and Marseille has been called off after Dimitri Payet was 'struck with a loaded water bottle.'

Lyon's Ligue 1 match against Marseille was called off on Sunday evening after Dimitri Payet, a former West Ham and France midfielder, was 'struck with a loaded water bottle.'Dimitri Payet was 'struck with a loaded water bottle' during Marseille's Ligue 1 encounter against Lyon on Sunday evening, forcing the referee to halt play.Just four minutes into the game at the Groupama Stadium, the 34-year-old was hit in the face while putting the ball down to take a corner.Payet was thrown to the ground and held his head in pain, with a stretcher rushed onto the field as it was unclear whether the game could continue.Payet was able to get back to his feet and was escorted down the tunnel by medical personnel before the referee called a halt to the game due to the unwelcome crowd involvement.

Marseille fans were enraged at the event that forced the game to be called off, and similar clashes occurred in matches against Montpellier, Nice, and Angers.

Metz held Marseille to a 0-0 draw before the international break, but Peter Bosz's Lyon lost 4-1 against Rennes.

After the safety violation, referee Ruddy Buquet made the audacious decision to take the 22 players back into the changing rooms, recalling a similar circumstance in an August meeting between Nice and Marseille that had to be replayed behind closed doors.

"The referee has suspended the contest after Dimitri Payet was hit by a loaded water bottle," according to the official Marseille account.

"The players return to the locker room, the game is suspended," Lyon authorities said.

Arsenal icon and Prime Video analyst Thierry Henry lashed out at Ligue 1 fans, advising the league to follow English restrictions.

"OL-OM is the main attraction," he stated.

"This is going to be watched by a lot of people." Once again, we will witness a match being disrupted by idiots. It's not the image I want the English, Spaniards, and Italians to have of the French league.

"In England, people are banned from stadiums for life. Lifetime bans, not one-month or two-month bans."

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