A neo-Nazi thug grew a Hitler moustache and blamed the Covid "hoax" on Jews.

A British Jewish group has asked a judge to sentence a neo-Nazi who claimed that the Coronavirus pandemic was a "hoax" perpetrated by Jews to prison.

On Monday, Matthew Henegan, who goes by the moniker "Fuhrer" and sports a Hitler-style toothbrush moustache, was found guilty of six counts of publishing, distributing, or possessing material intended to incite racial hatred, as well as one count of possessing a document useful to a terrorist, at the Old Bailey.

He refuted all allegations.

He was found to have made an hour-long film accusing Jews of controlling the police, economy, and media, as well as using the antisemitic slur k**es and referring to Jews as "creatures."

Henegan also claimed that Jews orchestrate terror attacks and employ "crisis actors," which is a common conspiracy theory claim made by those who believe that certain events are not true.

He was also found to have written documents and video guides titled "Corona Virus Hoax Full Edition," "Corona Virus Hoax Supplement," and "Corona Virus Hoax Update - How You Are Being Controlled" that were full of conspiracy theories.

During an outburst in court, he claimed that his Hitler moustache was inspired by comedians "Charlie Chaplin or Oliver Hardy" rather than Hitler.

"It is clearly your diseased mind that influences your thoughts," he said, addressing Judge Nigel Lickley.

"I have no firm view at the moment other than that all sentencing options are open, including immediate custody," Judge Lickley said.

Alex Hearn, the director of Labour Against Antisemitism, told the Daily Star exclusively that the judge's lack of clarity on how to sentence the man is "concerning."

"There is a concerning trend of extremists attempting to influence people online by exploiting their fears about Covid," Mr Hearn said.

"Unfortunately, anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories about Jews have long been central to disinformation campaigns waged by individuals, organizations, and even governments."

"In this case, Henegan also accused Jews of attempting to control the media and of committing a number of other fictitious crimes."

"The authorities should be commended for apprehending and convicting this dangerous neo-Nazi extremist who sought to incite hatred or worse against a small group of British Jews."

"However, the Judge's statement that he had no firm opinion on how to sentence is concerning."

"To stop him from spreading hatred, a custodial sentence must be imposed."

On January 14, the defendant will be sentenced.

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