A revolting hidden danger lurks in your Christmas tree, putting your pets in jeopardy.

Fleas and ticks are making their way into our homes via Christmas trees, which could be bad news for cats and dogs across the UK. A single spruce tree could carry as many as 25,000 bugs, according to experts.

Along with spiders and moths, the pests seek shelter among the branches.

And they come to life when we bring them into the warmth of our homes.

Chris Socratous of Bob Martin's pet experts urged buyers of real trees to inspect them thoroughly.

"A lovely Norwegian spruce tree is the epitome of a traditional family Christmas," he said, "but there's a good chance it's harboring ticks and other unwanted visitors over the holiday season, which could come into contact with you and your pets."

The majority of creepy crawlies are harmless to humans, but fleas and ticks can be dangerous to us and our pets.

Cats and dogs lying beneath trees, as well as people putting up holiday decorations, are all susceptible to the jumping parasites.

Tick bites can result in Lyme Disease, which causes rashes, fevers, and other serious symptoms.

Ticks hibernate during the winter months, but due to the warmer temperatures inside a home, they may be awoken.

Every Christmas, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health receives alerts about ticks in trees, according to the institute.

Fleas can become even more of a problem during the holidays.

A string of mild winters, according to Bob Martin, has swelled their numbers.

"The optimal temperature for ticks and fleas is between 21°C and 29°C," Chris Socratous continued, "which also happens to be the optimum temperature for our cosy homes."

"It's critical to treat your pet and your home for parasites during the winter months to avoid infestations."

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