After a woman lost $5,000 due to a fake message from a relative, Facebook users warned about holiday gift card scams.

A woman lost $5,000 after receiving a fake message from a relative, prompting Facebook to issue a warning to its users about holiday gift card scams.

Yvonne Lehman, a Facebook user, said she received a message from a relative who is a friend on the social media site, telling her she had won a "Facebook Freedom Award."

According to the Denver Channel, Lehman's relative also thought she was a winner.

"She had won this contest, and she had seen my name on it as well," Lehman explained. "So she sent me the link to this person who handled it."

Lehman had won one of their top prizes, a dollar50,000 prize, according to the agent she spoke with on Facebook Messenger.

The agent, on the other hand, informed her that she needed to send them money first.

"First, they told me I'd have to pay $500 to secure the package," Lehman explained.

Lehman bought a $500 Apple gift card and gave the agent the numbers.

However, instead of receiving her award, she received a new request.

"He told me that I would now have to pay $5,000 in taxes on the $50,000," she explained.

Lehman borrowed money from family and paid the remaining $5,000 in gift cards, only to be told she would now be responsible for customs and border fees.

That's when Lehman started to think the whole thing was a ruse.

She contacted her relative directly to find out what was going on, and she was surprised to learn that the woman had no idea what was going on. Her relative revealed that her Facebook page had been hacked.

Lehman has since filed police and state attorney general complaints, but she fears she will never see her money again.

She told the outlet, "It just stuck in my gut that it wasn't real."

Users of Facebook should be aware that there is no such rewards program that awards thousands of dollars at random.

The FBI has issued an alert warning that cybercrime affects thousands of Americans each year.

Here are some FBI pointers to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in a similar situation:

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