After hackers drained bank accounts with a single phone call, a dangerous Android scam warning has been issued - here's how to stay safe.

ANDROID users have been warned about a dangerous scam that could result in hackers draining their bank accounts.

Over the last year, security experts have noticed an increase in hackers using this type of scam.

Remote access trojan (RAT) infections are allegedly being used by criminals to infect Android phones.

A variant of this malware known as BRATA has been discovered in Brazil, Italy, Lithuania, and the Netherlands, according to Cleafy experts.

Although it is not believed to have reached the United States or the United Kingdom yet, the research suggests that being vigilant would be prudent.

It is said that the BRATA infection is difficult to detect.

A scammer will send you an SMS text message with a link to a website.

It's likely that the text will appear to be from your bank.

If you click the link, you will be directed to a website where you can download an "anti-spam app."

A representative from your bank will contact you shortly to discuss the app, according to the website.

You'll be asked for some personal information, after which a scammer will call you and urge you to download the app.

Hackers will gain access to your phone if you download it.

They'll be able to read your text messages and steal any two-factor authentication passwords you have.

They may also have access to any banking apps you have installed.

Cybercriminals are said to try to remove any anti-virus software from your phone in order to avoid detection.

Any messages claiming to be from your bank should be avoided.

Never click on any suspicious links, and never feel obligated to download any apps.

If you have any concerns, you should call your bank's official number.

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